Donald Trump Sniffles, The Internet Celebrates

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Donald Trump and his associates have spent several weeks throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign stating that Hillary Clinton is in poor health.

But it was Trump who often drank water and noticeably sniffled through the first debate of this stunning/nauseating/revealing campaign.

How did Twitter react to The Donald's apparent head cold?

In glorious fashion, as you can see below...

1. ZING!

Also... maybe true?

2. It's a Symptom!!!!!

It's a Symptom!!!!!
Perhaps someone should go see a doctor.

3. Trump's Sniffle

Trump's Sniffle
Yes, it already has its own Twitter account.

4. Who's Counting?

Who's Counting?
The Internet, of course.

5. Chelsea Handler Weighs In

Chelsea Handler Weighs In
Let her clear her throat, please.

6. Hold Me, Hannity

Hold Me, Hannity
Also: please pass me a tissue.

7. What Was the Cause of That Sniffle?

What Was the Cause of That Sniffle?
We need to get to the bottom of this.

8. And Now a Word from Lena Dunham

And Now a Word from Lena Dunham
Yes, she just compared Trump to a murderer. Sort of.

9. Woot! Woot!

Woot! Woot!
Trumped up, sniffle down? You may want to trademark this, fella.

10. Proof That God Exists

Proof That God Exists
Finally, right?!?

11. It's True

It's True
You know it's true.

12. Another Cocaine Accusation

Another Cocaine Accusation
Hey, these people are just asking questions, okay?

13. Donald Trump's Debate Strategy

Donald Trump's Debate Strategy
He may want to rethink this for the second debate.

14. It's All Anyone is Talking About

It's All Anyone is Talking About
Which sort of sums up this entire election, doesn't it?

15. Best. Sniffle. EVER!

Best. Sniffle. EVER!
Is there any way Trump is not thinking this?!?

16. Neti Pots FTW!

Neti Pots FTW!
Look for sales to double in the coming weeks. Maybe Trump is good for the economy after all.

17. SO... MUCH... SNIFFING...

There really was.

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