13 Grinding GIFs to Gross You Out

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Get ready to gag! Here are 13 grinding gifs that will gross you out! How is this a thing?

1. Grinding Orgy

Grinding Orgy
You're grinding on the dance floor and suddenly everyone else is grinding on you. It's like a big grinding orgy in the bar.

2. Where Do You Put Your Hands?

Where Do You Put Your Hands?
Are her nails wet? Is she praying to the bar gods to get her out of there? Does he really think he's sexy motorboating her with his butt like that?

3. One Is The Lonelist Number

One Is The Lonelist Number
Grinding isn't made any less awkward when you're doing it alone. In fact, you might look even more awkward simulating sex with your imaginary dance partner.

4. Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator
They're just grinding to the beat of their own drums. Or something.

5. Moob Over

Moob Over
If we have to see this, you have to see this. And now none of us can ever unsee it.

6. Back That Thang Up

Back That Thang Up
This guy has absolutely no idea what's happening but he's playing along like he does.

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