Bitter Used Wedding Dress Ad: 7 Classic Digs

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This ad for a used wedding dress is so bad, it's awesome. Read some of the best quotes here.

1. Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record
You need that assurance when purchasing a used product.

2. Not Planning to Stay Faithful?

Not Planning to Stay Faithful?
Wow, are you in the right place. This is THE dress for you!

3. Harlot-Sized Ensemble

Harlot-Sized Ensemble
You'll be the envy of ... people like that.

4. Designed By Benedict Arnold

Designed By Benedict Arnold
A man of so many traitorous talents.

5. Reasonable Mediocrity

Reasonable Mediocrity
That's the best you can hope for after you wear this thing. After that it only goes downhill.

6. Good Condition!

Good Condition!
Or at least better shape than the relationship it was meant to symbolize.

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