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Mackenzie McKee has a new boyfriend. Who is he?

In February, we reported that, somehow, Mackenzie McKee has returned to Teen Mom.

On Season 3 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, she showed up to crash the party and clash with other cast members.

But she didn’t show up alone. Who is her new boyfriend, and does he know about her racism scandal?

Mackenzie Mckee with blonde hair.
Mackenzie McKee on Teen Mom OG. Some people court controversy. Others blunder into it regularly. (Image Credit: MTV)

Mackenzie McKee is back, and she does not come in peace

During the final Teen Mom: Family Reunion episode of March, Mackenzie McKee arrives in Colombia.

Obviously, she has had a lot of conflict with other members of the cast — particularly with Cheyenne Floyd.

Cheyenne is not exactly jumping for joy at the sight of her. And, considering their history, it’s difficult to blame her.

Mackenzie McKee as an OG
Mackenzie McKee appears in this scene from an episode of the MTV series, Teen Mom OG. (Image Credit: MTV)

As we noted, Mackenzie did not return alone. This season has shown a lot of the ladies showing up with their husbands … and it hasn’t dialed down the drama.

Mackenzie’s plus one was her new boyfriend, Khesanio “Khess” Hall. She has been showing him off on her Instagram page for some time.

Fans are curious about him. And like her castmates, a number of fans wonder how well a Black man meshes with Mackenzie’s history of controversies.

Who is Mackenzie McKee’s boyfriend?

Mackenzie and Khess went public as being in a relationship in late 2022. It appears that this was very, very early in their romance.

In December of 2023, they celebrated one year together.

Though we do not yet know the details, the couple will talk through issues during their time on Teen Mom: Family Reunion. Just like everyone else.

It might sound odd — or grimly unsurprising — in 2024, but people are commenting on Khess being a Black man.

The reason for this is racism. Specifically, Mackenzie’s history of controversies.

Famously, she made enemies of multiple castmates in 2021, when she made a post slamming Vice President Kamala Harris and referring to her by a racist term.

Mackenzie McKee OG
Mackenzie McKee on Teen Mom in 2020. She’s finally made it back to the big time, though it didn’t last. (Image Credit: MTV)

Mackenzie McKee’s Old Scandals

When Cheyenne Floyd called her out for bringing a “Black boyfriend” to the show, she was referring to Mackenzie’s 2021 social media post.

“It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history,” Mackenzie wrote about Vice President Harris at the time.

It’s conceivable that someone could refer to a woman of color as “colored” without realizing that they’re using racist language — the language that once labeled segregated bathrooms and drinking fountains. But it’s unacceptable regardless, and it was a scandal.

Mackenzie McKee as a Teen Mom
Mackenzie McKee looks on in slight annoyance and/or confusion in this screenshot from a Teen Mom episode. (Image Credit: MTV)

Many Teen Mom fans hope that Mackenzie has learned her lesson over the past three years. We would all like to believe that people are better than they once were.

However, though perhaps it will not come up during Teen Mom: Family Reunion Season 3, Mackenzie has dipped her toes into the bigotry pond more than once.

For example, in March of 2022, Mackenzie used transphobic language and called for segregated sports. Yikes!

What does this mean for Mackenzie and her boyfriend?

Unfortunately, it often seems that Mackenzie McKee is proof of the “when someone shows you who you are, believe them” saying.

The greatest concern on the part of Teen Mom fans — and, clearly, some of her castmates — is that Mackenzie is effectively using her boyfriend Khess as a prop to deflect from her history with racism. Even though, famously, some deeply racist people have Black partners.

We would all welcome some pleasant surprises from Mackenzie. But we won’t hold our breath.