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Was Amber Portwood fired from the Teen Mom franchise – or did she quit?

In 2023, Amber fans were put through the ringer, with new drama seemingly popping up every week

But the big question for most was if Amber would be returning for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 2 when it happens – or has she been cut loose given all of her legal woes?

Here’s what we know so far.

Amber has been going through some through times. (MTV)

Amber Portwood: Fired From ‘Teen Mom’ Or Quit?

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter was a smash hit for MTV in the summer of 2023, and many have been waiting for the official announcement for Season 2.

The big question remains, however – will Amber return?

The answer feels like a resounding no, but the reason is more complicated than that. 

Initially, sources reported that Amber was fired from the series after the first season for a myriad of reasons. 

For one, her ongoing legal battles are concerning, especially since they keep her away from her son, James. 

While clutching an eye-catching cup, Amber Portwood wishes that she had been able to access the same basic healthcare that her teen daughter now can. (MTV)

On the other hand, her volatile feud with Ashley Jones during the reunion special reported irked MTV producers, motivating them to cancel their arrangement. 

Amber nor MTV has yet to make an official announcement either way, but there was a report as of February 2023 that suggested Amber was ready to walk away from the show on her own terms. 

“Amber is officially leaving Teen Mom,” the insider told The Sun.

“This was her own decision. She was not fired,” the source claimed, and added that the reality star “will be making an announcement within the next few days.”

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2: Is Happening?

The first season of Next Chapter was a big it with franchise fans as it brought together women who were originally part of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom’s first seasons. 

The show not only featured Amber, but it also had  Maci McKinney, Jade Cline, Catelynn Baltierra, Ashley Jones, Leah Messer, Cheyenne Floyd, and Briana DeJesus.

Unfortunately, as of now, there has been no official announcement on if Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’s second season will be happening. 

But stay tuned!

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On Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Amber Portwood acknowledged that she’s not necessarily a “good mom.” Viewers and family court have clearly drawn similar conclusions over the years. (MTV)

The Andrew Glennon Drama That Complicated Things 

While her future as an MTV reality star may be on the line, Amber has had bigger problems to deal with. 

For an entire year, Amber was at war with her ex Andrew Glennon over custody of their son, James. 

In May 2023, Andrew Glennon filed an emergency motion to end Amber’s visitations with James.

At the time, he was seeking to suspend Amber’s visits with their 5-year-old son

Fans who caught the first season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter watched as Amber crumbled after losing custody of James earlier in the year

Since that time, the deal had been that James lived primarily with Andrew in Malibu, but has monthly visits with Amber.

Amber Portwood on Air
Amber Portwood looks on in this scene from a 2020 episode of the show Teen Mom OG. (MTV)

Every other month, Andrew and James flew out to see Amber in Indiana. On the alternate months, Amber flew  out to Southern California.

We don’t know what evidence Andrew presented, or what Amber said in her defense. This is an ongoing case.

However, do know that since then, Amber has had limited vistations with James and is continuing to fight not only with time with her son, but also for money from Andrew. 

Her attorney filed a motion to deny Andrew’s efforts, and demanded that Andrew reimburse her legal fees over this.

What Happened To Gary and Amber?

But this is not the first time that Amber has been in deep drama with an ex. 

When fans first met Amber on the MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, she was expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Gary Shirley.

On November 11, 2008, the young couple welcomed Leah. 

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Whether she is living her life on camera, engaging with critics on social media, or discussing life on the Teen Mom Reunion, Amber Portwood lets people know when she is angry. As she did, here, in 2021. (MTV)

Though Amber and Gary were briefly engaged, they ultimately separated in 2011.

Famously,  Amber was charged with three counts of domestic violence against Gary, following a physical dispute that aired on the MTV show Teen Mom in 2010.

After that, Gary retained full custody of Leah, but more recently, both parents have come under fire for how they’ve been raising their now teenage daughter. 

Amber and Gary were slammed by fans for having a personal conversation about their daughter Leah on camera without her consent. 

In one scene, Gary talks openly about her teenage daughter’s visits to the gynecologist with his new wife; in another, they discuss her therapy and if it’s really impacting her mental health. 

Not the sort of topics that should be shared with the world about someone who didn’t ask for it.