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Despite what Tori Spelling acknowledges has been a “challenging” 2023, life goes on.

And so, too, does the holiday season.

Tori shared a little update on her state of mind — alongside a moderately glam selfie.

She’s doing her best to maintain a positive attitude as this time of year “presses on.” We know that it can’t be easy.

A selfie of Tori Spelling featuring impeccable locks and a vibrant red jacket.
Tori Spelliing shared this glam selfie on Instagram while noting that the December 2023 holiday season doesn’t stop for anyone. (Photo Credit; Instagram)

“I touched the elf …” Tori Spelling began her somewhat strange caption on Instagram this week.

“Sorry not sorry,” she joked. “Night off.”

“Hey, 25 days is a commitment,” Tori quipped. “Good news … cinnamon and sugar = magic restored. Holiday season presses on!”

Tori Spelling writes an Instagram caption about the holiday season 2023. This is a dark mode screenshot.
In December 2023, Tori Spelling posted this caption. We will all keep the shelved elf whom she mentions in our thoughts. (Image Credit: Instagram)

If you find Tori’s comments about the shelved elf odd, you are not alone. The “elf on a shelf” seasonal surveillance state weirdness popped up out of nowhere about 15 years ago or so.

Part of the “lore” surrounding this product is that people should never touch it. Parents apparently can move it with tongs under special, emergency circumstances.

Is “elf on a shelf” dystopian? Yes. But then, so is Paw Patrol. Many aspects of our world have improved, but some of our society’s entertainment for young children is bleak.

A photo of Tori Spelling in front of an iHeart Radio photo wall in 2023. She is wearing a red and black crop top and matching skirt.
Tori Spelling attends iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2023 Presented by Capital One at The Kia Forum on December 01, 2023. (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Now that we’ve explained that for everyone else who is too much of an adult to have ever had an elf upon our shelves but also doesn’t have kids with that experience. …

… The real meat of Tori’s post, for most followers, had nothing to do with her forbidden touching of the elven houseguest.

“Holiday season presses on,” Tori wrote. Those four simple words really highlight the general vibe of Tori’s 2023.

A photo of Tori Spelling wearing red and appearing on a QVC set, with a mid-November Christmas tree in the corner.
Tori Spelling was looking red and festive in this November 2023 photo. Perhaps too festive. The tree so early in the year seems downright obscene. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this year, following months of mystery ailments and hospitalizations for Tori and her family, they had to flee their home.

The culprit behind all of it was a devastating mold infestation. The chronic exposure to spores could continue to exact a toll for years to come.

Living with friends, hotels, and even in an RV were not the only issues of the summer, however. This was just the beginning.

Tori Spelling with Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attend the Much Love Animal Rescue 3rd Annual Spoken Woof Benefit at Microsoft Lounge on October 17, 2019. (Photo Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Dean McDermott announced their split on June 17.

After 18 years of marriage, the announcement came as a shock.

They had, by all accounts, been doing so well. Until they very suddenly were not.

Dean McDermott wears plaid and speaks to the camera from his car. The caption reads "Happy Thanksgiving!!"
Dean McDermott’s 2023 Thanksgiving message offered gratitude for his children. He spent the holiday at his sober living home. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Dean would later confess that he had been under the influence when he made the post. This was a recurring problem in their marriage.

He spent much of the summer in rehab. Even now, he resides in a sober living house. That is very encouraging!

Dean’s progress comes too late to save his marriage. But hopefully not too late to save him.

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