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Earlier this month, Tori Spelling attended her first official event since Dean McDermott’s tell-all interview.

She didn’t do so alone. Four of her five children accompanied her to that festive red carpet appearance.

Liam McDermott, her eldest son, did not.

As it turns out, there may have been a very good reason for that. Tori just shared a health update, revealing that her son was about to go into surgery.

Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, Liam McDermott, Dean McDermott and guests attend the 2023 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Kia Forum on January 14, 2023. (Photo Credit: Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

On Wednesday afternoon, Tori Spelling took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of her firstborn.

16-year-old Liam Aaron McDermott was on a hospital bed, clearly as a patient. He was awake and with his phone by his side.

Tori detailed that her son was preparing to undergo surgery. Both he and his mother were feeling nervous, she reported.

An Instagram Story glimpse of Liam McDermott on a hospital bed with Tori Spelling's writing explaining that he is about to undergo foot surgery.
In mid-December 2023, Tori Spelling shared a photo of son Liam McDermott as he prepared for foot surgery. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“My 1st baby waiting to go into foot surgery,” Tori captioned the post.

She confessed: “Not sure who’s more nervous him or mama.” 

“Proud of your bravery,” Tori then expressed to her son. “And things can only get better after this.” 

A photo of Tori Spelling in front of an iHeart Radio photo wall in 2023. She is wearing a red and black crop top and matching skirt.
Tori Spelling attends iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2023 Presented by Capital One at The Kia Forum on December 01, 2023. (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Very correctly, Tori did not go into detail about why Liam was undergoing surgery. That is absolutely and emphatically his business.

It’s foot surgery, which does narrow down the causes considerably. He could, conceivably, be dealing with bunions or correcting a tendon issue.

(Yes, bunions are more common among adult women, but they can happen to teens in Liam’s age range. Probably not the likely culprit, however)

Stella McDermott and Liam McDermott stand on either side of Tori Spelling near an in-ground pool. Both teens are taller than their mother.
Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Liam McDermott posed together before the two teens attended Homecoming on the final night of September, 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As we said, it’s Liam’s business. And Tori is not wrong to leave out those details.

Despite being a nepo baby (even if the benefits waned considerably after her father’s passing), Tori chose to become a public figure.

None of her kids did. They’re famous because their parents are famous, and they’re in the spotlight because their parents have both had a really rough year. This isn’t a case of adult reality stars who exchange access for material gain.

A photo of Tori Spelling wearing red and appearing on a QVC set, with a mid-November Christmas tree in the corner.
Tori Spelling was looking red and festive in this November 2023 photo. Perhaps too festive. The tree so early in the year seems downright obscene. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

It is possible that Liam’s surgery had nothing to do with whatever has caused him to now undergo surgery.

For example, he could have missed the event because it didn’t interest him. He’s a 16-year-old, and walking the red carpet with your mom might get old after a while.

It’s possible that he might have had a bad break in his ankle and needed surgery. But probably not. Tori pretty specifically mentioned “foot” surgery.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, August 20, Tori Spelling revealed that she had spent the past several days in the hospital. She did not divulge why. (Image Credit: Instagram)

A few months ago, Tori herself underwent an extended hospital stay. She has not chosen to fully divulge what prompted it.

Rumors suggest that she may have fallen or collapsed. And there is speculation that her previous black mold exposure may be continuing to impact her health.

That’s likely not behind Liam’s need for surgery. Again, it’s his foot. Or feet? Probably just one foot, but who knows?