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Farrah Abraham finding a new man isn’t great news.

It’s better than her rambling thoughts on geopolitics or her literal violent crimes, at least. Though that’s not saying much.

How did Farrah meet this unlucky new suitor?

Apparently, they first met through her OnlyFans page.

Farrah Abraham stands with an unidentified man on the beach, with sunlight and angles obscuring their features.
In a jarring and somehow Thanksgiving-related video, Farrah Abraham went public with an unlucky new man. (Image Credit: Instagram)

There are plenty of fish in the sea. In that analogy, Farrah Abraham might as well be the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

But, to start in order, Farrah posted a video featuring an array of clips of her at the beach.

In addition to showcasing her body, she made it clear that she was spending time with a mystery guy. Farrah set the music to Doja Cat’s “I Wanna Show You Off.”

Farrah Abraham kneels on a beach while wearing a light bikini.
In an unorthodox Thanksgiving video in 2023, Farrah Abraham wore a bikini. (Image Credit: Instagram)

After showcasing both her body and her mystery man on social media, Farrah opened up to TMZ about the guy.

Apparently, this romance began all of the way back in 2021. Sort of.

At the time, the two were communicating through OnlyFans. Specifically, through Farrah’s OF page.

Farrah Abraham and her mystery man appear as silhouettes on the beach.
In Farrah Abraham’s 2023 Thanksgiving video mashup, she poses with the silhouette of her mystery man. (Image Credit: Instagram)

However, things did not become serious when they matched this year on a dating app.

(Meeting on OnlyFans is fine, but is meeting that way and then matching on a dating app a red flag to anyone else?)

Farrah says that she is concentrating on getting to know this new guy.

Farrah Abraham makes an odd face while standing on the beach in a neon bikini.
As part of her Thanksgiving video compilation, Farrah Abraham decided to make this facial expression. Her reasons are her own. (Image Credit: Instagram)

According to Farrah, she has undergone three months of training with a “dating/relationship coach.”

Her goal is to avoid any drama. Given who she is and her glaring behavioral problems, that seems unlikely.

Farrah has often been unlucky in love, even if most of her partners have been considerably less fortunate.

Two silhouettes kiss on a beach. One belongs to Farrah Abraham.
The silhouettes of Farrah Abraham and her mystery man kiss on the beach in her Thanksgiving 2023 video. (Image Credit: Instagram)

To that end, Farrah has a plan. She had the new guy sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The mystery man is not a public figure, so apparently the NDA isn’t too big of a deal.

Farrah claims that the two are similar in age, and that he works in tech, business sales, and marketing. Oh, and that he purchased a second home near where she lives after they became an official couple in late September.

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Those lips! Farrah Abraham rambled into the TikTok camera while her daughter looked like she wished that she were anywhere else. (Image Credit: TikTok)

There are some other details.

We know that Farrah has, in the past, faced accusations of substance abuse. She has also gotten into serious legal trouble in “party” settings.

Meanwhile, her new man is sober.

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Farrah Abraham may have been promoting supplements in this pic, but followers zeroed in upon her face. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Farrah claims that the two of them are “inspiring each other,” which sounds ominous.

She details that they are managing to deepen their connection through meditation, swimming, and travel.

It’s hard to wish them well. Farrah is a terrible person. Is her new man also awful? Or is he slowly discovering what Farrah really is?

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In this still from a video selfie, Farrah Abraham flaunted daughter Sophia Abraham’s colorful hair streaks and facial piercings. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Farrah added that she plans to hold off on introducing her new man to her family.

At least, until winter break … which is in about a month.

Only time will tell if this actually lasts that long.