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Each new detail of Shannon Beador’s DUI arrest has been more alarming than the last.

It’s one thing to drive when you absolutely should not. Swerving wildly and crashing into a house? That’s worse.

The The Real Housewives of Orange County star is currently offering to cover the cost of repairing the damage from her crash.

Additionally, Shannon is looking into getting help. It sounds like she needs it.

Here, Shannon Beador reacts with visible horror upon hearing a castmate’s relationship issues. (Bravo)

TMZ reports that Shannon Storms Beador’s attorney, Michael Fell, is in contact with and also working directly with the Newport Beach property owner.

Last weekend, the longtime RHOC star got a little crashy and a lot smashy. All things told, everyone was very lucky that it was not so much worse.

So, on Shannon’s behalf, her lawyer is working to make things right. Financially speaking.

Shannon Beador wonders why a certain castmate would make a major sale — of her own home — without mentioning it to anyone. (Bravo)

The offer is to pay for all of the damage and the repairs that the property now needs.

Shannon is reportedly willing to pay cash to cover it.

That’s great! While we’re no experts on the matter, we’d advise anyone who’s had a vehicle crash into their property to get a full inspection for structural damage. Not all damage is visible.

Shannon Beador is just looking all kinds of over it in this screenshot from the RHOC 17 midseason trailer. (Bravo)

The same report also details that Shannon is looking into various treatment options.

If you’re swerving around while driving, crashing your car, and then pretending to just be out walking your dog before your arrest?

Something isn’t right. And while seeking treatment alone isn’t going to undo the harm that you’ve done, it’s important to get help when you need it. (And it shows that you don’t want history to repeat itself)

“You all owe my boyfriend a HUGE f–king apology,” Shannon Beador declares to her castmates. But is she right? (Bravo)

Shannon apparently hasn’t decided on which treatment option is right for her. Not yet.

TMZ‘s report says that this is very new to her, so the options may feel overwhelming. And, frankly, the reality of what she’s done is likely still sinking in.

A hit-and-run arrest and a DUI is serious. Serious legal trouble and indicative of major underlying problems for Shannon to address.

Do you ever just say something and then wonder what possessed you to blurt it out? Shannon Beador had this moment on Celebrity Family Feud in 2023. (ABC)

Shannon also received an injury during the crash.

Eyewitnesses who have seen her in the aftermath of last weekend’s driving catastrophe and crash have noticed that one of her arms has been in a sling.

Notably, as of Friday (September 22), authorities have not released a mug shot of Shannon to the public.

Shannon Beador discusses her (now former) relationship while wearing pink during Season 17. (Bravo)

Obviously, people who are sick and tired of Shannon’s on-screen antics might chuckle at this.

But we should remember that Shannon is a real person. She has real feelings. And she has children and other loved ones.

We hope that she is able to recover from this in a healthy way. And of course we hope that no one suffers any lasting ill effects or financial strain from Shannon’s easily avoidable crash.