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Tyler Baltierra doesn’t often get too serious with his fans on social media.

Unless you count getting serious about how buff he has become over the years.

On the latest episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, however, the popular MTV personality had no choice but to turn very serious over a very personal topic.

Tyler Baltierra is opening up here to his wife on an episode of Teen Mom in late summer 2023. (MTV)

Viewers witnessed a call with Tyler’s psychotherapist, Dr. Mike Dow, on this installment of the show… after Tyler had undergone ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Amid this conversation, Baltierra was asked to write a letter to his younger self and read it in the trailer inside of which he had grown up.

Quite the task, huh?

Joined by his wife, Catelynn, Tyler then did as he was told, reflecting on the sexual abuse he previously experienced when he was just eight years old.

After saying he was “sorry” for the pain he endured, the reality star confessed “there will come a time in your life when that pain is so excruciating that the only remedy for the unbearable suffering you’re feeling is to die.”


Addressing his younger self, Tyler added:

“I’m here to tell you that you will survive for a reason, and that reason has a name. It’s Cate.”

Wow, huh?

That’s legitimately beautiful.

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Tyler Baltierra shared this enticing update on his body transformation. With his shirt on, his arms stand out even more than usual. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The message didn’t stop there, either.

“You will meet the most purest example of love that you’ve ever felt or witnessed in your life because of her,” Baltierra went on, referencing his wife.

“She will show you how you truly are worthy of love. She’ll prove to you why you weren’t supposed to die that day.

“You will fall madly in love and that love will result in the other reason you survived, and that’s to be a father, to bring four beautiful children into the world, to give those children the father you never had, and by giving them that you will break so many generational traumas.”

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Tyler Baltierra doesn’t have time to smile in this selfie. (Instagram)

Catelynn subsequently embraced her husband before he burned the letter and they walked out of the trailer.

Tyler inisitally opened up about being sexually assaulted by his older sister Amber’s friend in the 2016 memoir, Conquering Chaos.

“One day I went over to [the older girl’s house] with my sister and some other people, and for some reason or another, everyone else left but this older girl and me,” he wrote back then.

“For the next several hours, while we were alone together in her house, it was sex act after sex act after sex act.

“It went on all day. She had us doing everything she could think of, one thing after another. There’d be a break and then it would start up again.

“And when it was finally over, I didn’t know what the hell had happened.”