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Recently, Jessa Duggar told fans that her disgraced father Jim Bob no longer siphons away the money that she makes.

But what about his interference in her personal relationships?

We have all read about how the prominent cult member and family patriarch wants his adult children to consult him about major life decisions.

Is he sabotaging Jessa’s bond with her “rebellious” sisters?

Jinger and Jessa Duggar have always enjoyed a close relationship. (TLC)

Recently, 30-year-old Jessa Duggar Seewald took to Instagram to hold a Q&A session with her followers.

Posting answers to her Instagram Story, Jessa even included a prompt.

“Ask me anything about my kids, pregnancy, or homeschooling!,” she suggested to her fans.

In her Instagram Story in late-ish September of 2023, Jessa Duggar told fans and followers that she is still close with her “rebellious” Los Angeles-dwelling sister. (Instagram)

This is when one of Jessa’s followers asked about her bond — or lack thereof — with her sister, Jessa.

“Are you and Jinger still super close, or have you drifted apart with your new families?,” the question inquired.

“We’re still super close!,” Jessa replied. “We don’t get to see each other in person as often as we’d like, but when we get together, it’s just like old times.”

Jinger Duggar participates in a remote interview in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The first reason for Jinger’s possible distance from Jessa is, well, distance.

Jinger lives in Los Angeles. This is a civilized place to live where there are all sorts of people residing (anathema to the Duggar family; many cults thrive on being insular).

And it’s also just physically very far from the Arkansas Duggar compound.

In September of 2023, Jessa Duggar shared a suspiciously timed video compilation on YouTube to update fans on her life. (YouTube)

The other — more significant — reason for the question has more to do with ideology.

Jessa is, in many ways, closer to the toxic cult in which they all grew up. We all know what Ben Seewald’s family is like.

Additionally, Jessa seemed to try to sabotage Jill’s book launch with a suspiciously timed piece of pregnancy news.

Look out, Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar has come out with a book that exposes just how evil you truly are. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Some of the differences are less personal.

For example, Jessa’s own question mentions homeschooling. It is sadly not uncommon for fundamentalist cult members to deny their children a real education. Why? To insulate them from meeting different types of people.

So fans were reasonable to ask how much time Jessa would spend with Jinger. Jinger and Ben have discussed sending their kids to public school.

On September 9, 2023, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald showed off a vacation that they took in April of that year. (YouTube)

Jinger, like Jill, has publicly condemned her IBLP upbringing.

Though both cult survivors chose different focuses when discussing their trauma … neither minced words when it came to the twisted teachings.

But this is a good time to remember that Jessa has distanced herself from IBLP also. She’s not one of Jim Bob’s hardcore loyalists.