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Back in July, we reported on the latest appalling development in the life of Nathan Griffith.

In a turn of events that was disturbing even by the abysmally low standards of former Teen Mom stars, Griffith was arrested after allegedly assaulting his own sister.

According to Hannah Griffith, Nathan choked her and threatened to kill her.

She says she called the cops on her brother and was lucky to escape with her life.

Nathan Griffith has fallen on hard times since the years of his MTV stardom. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Nathan has been arrested many times in the past on charges ranging from DUI to assault.

Last week, the former reality star appeared in a Clark County, Nevada, courtroom, where he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of “Attempted Battery by Strangulation.”

But even though he signed a Guilty Plea Agreement that amounts to a confession, it sounds like Nathan might once again avoid serving time in prison.

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Nathan Griffith has been arrested many times in his life. The guy needs some help. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Yes, despite the fact that he’s now officially felon — one with a mile-long track record, no less — it sounds like there’s a very good chance that Nate will remain a free man.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Nate’s case will now be moved to Veteran’s Court in accordance with a request from his lawyers.

Nathan served in the U.S. Marines Corp, and is therefore eligible for this unexpected change of venue.

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Nathan Griffith wears a hat while doing an Instagram Live. (Instagram)

According to their website, the Veterans Treatment Court program “is designed to confront and treat the substance abuse and mental health issues which contribute to the criminal behavior of Veterans Court participants.”

The bad news is Nate will probably get a much lighter sentence than he would receive in civilian court.

The good news is he might finally be forced to undergo treatment for the substance abuse issues that have plagued him for years.

According to Hannah, Nathan had been staying with her and her husband — whom he befriended when they served in the military together — when the latest trouble began.

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Nathan Griffith does many Instagram Live videos talking about politics, and here’s a screenshot from one of those. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“He tried to kill me, his own sister,” she told UK tabloid The Sun.

Hannah says that Nathan had been sober for about a week at the time, but he fell off the wagon when her husband went out of town on a business trip.

“That’s when the threats and everything started,” she claims.

“He said to me: ‘Well, you know who is not home to protect you.’ He came across the kitchen and he started doing what he does to all women, he started choking me.”

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Nathan Griffith’s latest mugshot. Dude needs serious help (and to quit drinking). (Photo Credit: Police Report)

That comment seems to be a reference to Nathan’s previous arrest for domestic battery by strangulation.

That took place in February, when Griffith’s then-girlfriend alleged that he choked during an argument at their home in Florida.

Those charges were later dropped.

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Nathan Griffith poses for a cute photo with his son, Kaiser. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Needless to say, Nathan is a very troubled man.

Hopefully, this incident will guide him to the help he so desperately needs.