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As previously reported, Kody Brown hates his life these days.

The father of 17 isn’t thrilled about having been dumped by three of his sister wives.

In a new interview with People Magazine, however, the TLC personality takes his sad state one step further.

Not only does he hates his life, Kody explains, he also has many huge questions about what the point of it even is anymore.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown remain legally married, despite the former having split from his other spouses. (TLC)

The 54-year old tells People that he is“still in a deep state of mourning” due to his plural marriages having ended… with Christine having left Kody in November 2021; Janelle having peaced out a year later; and Meri basically getting dumped a couple months after that.

“We are not recovering from this,” Brown now says to People, referring to himself and legal spouse Robyn.

“I mean, it’s not clinical depression, but we’ve been a bit depressed about what the experience did. That’s an understatement.

“But we’ve been through a very hard experience and our reaction to it has changed us. We are not the same.”

It’s hard to ever feel any sympathy for Kody Brown, seen here on Sister Wives Season 18. He just doesn’t seem very nice. (TLC)

To be absolutely clear, we don’t feel bad for Kody at all.

He’s sexist and he’s selfish.

But he has believed his entire adult life in polygamy, he has followed a certain view on faith and religion, and now all of those beliefs have been uprooted.

That can cause one to fall into a state of deep and profound confusion.

Kody Brown looks on in this picture of the patriarch from Sister Wives. (TLC)

He continued to People:

“Moving forward is still one of those things where you go through a divorce, you almost feel like God doesn’t exist, and you’re so angry, so bitter, and you’ve just got to let …

“You need to let some sunshine back in. That’s the thing.”

On air over the last couple Sunday nights, viewers have witnessed Kody getting into it with Janelle.

If Season 17 focused on the end of his relationship with Christine, this new season appears to be shifting the focus to Janelle and how that marriage fell apart.

Kody and Janelle Brown got into an extremely heated discussion the third episode of Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

“When you first break up, there’s a lot of doubt, especially if you are not the instigator,” Kody went on, blaming his spouses like always.

“If you haven’t thought it out enough. If you haven’t been in awareness. I just thought we had killed some trust, and I thought we just needed to build the trust back.”

Despite his holding out hope that his relationship with Christine could be repaired, Kody says his ex “thought it would just be better to be gone.”

And gone she DEFINITELY is, considering Christine is now engaged to David Woolley.

Kody Brown has an odd look on his face in this look at the former polygamist on Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

Speaking to People and showing some vulnerability, Kody acknowledges the “painful experience” of divorce and elaborates as follows:

“It’s challenged my purpose. For three years here, I had an idea during this time about what my purpose moves on to, but I’m still stuck in this place of sadness and regret.

“As I springboard up, it’s like love and forgiveness and moving forward. We’ll see what happens though. It’s every day.

“It’s like divorce changes you. It just changes you. I guess, everything changes you. Marriage changes you. Divorce changes you. Having children changes you. But I don’t feel the same.”

Kody Brown stares down Christine in this scene from the Sister Wives Season 18 opener. (TLC)

Concludes the Sister Wives patriarch:

“I want to find my happy place again because I think everybody in this family is searching for that.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.