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Just last week, we learned that Zach and Tori Roloff are not returning to Little People, Big World.

It’s possible that they’ll surprise us, despite the feud. But this was no idle speculation. The news came from an extended family member.

The heat has been on, with some fans and viewers decrying their departure. Others have been downright hostile.

Fortunately, Tori and Zach know how to get away from the drama — and take their precious children with them.

Photobomb! Tori Roloff’s adorable photo of 16-month-old Josiah Roloff also features the adorable face of Murphy, the family dog. (Instagram)

Getting away from it all

Early this week, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share a series of glimpses at a fun family outing.

She and husband Zach Roloff went out on a walk to enjoy their beautiful surroundings. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful area.

6-year-old Jackson, 3-year-old Lilah, and 16-month-old Josiah were with them. And so, too, was Murphy. Murphy is their beloved dog.

16-month-old Josiah Roloff looks absolutely adorable in this Instagram Story photo by mom Tori Roloff. (Instagram)

In the photos, the family is walking on a trail alongside grassy fields. There are trees in every direction.

Judging by the angling of the sun, it appears to have been close to sunset.

Though Zach and Tori were walking (and Jackson clearly spent a lot of time running), their younger children had alternate means of transportation.

Zach Roloff guides the stroller just behind Murphy, the family dog, while Lilah Roloff rides her scooter to catch up. This September 2023 snapshot of the family sure is adorable! (Instagram)

Gotta go fast!

With Tori’s vocal encouragement, Lilah went zooming along on her pink scooter.

Her goal was either to catch up with Zach and Josiah or with Jackson. Our guess? Jackson.

Because she quickly zipped past her father and baby brother. She and Murphy managed to avoid a collision, thankfully.

“What the knucklehead,” Tori Roloff captioned a short video of 6-year-old Jackson Roloff running merrily through a field. (Instagram)

Tori also recorded her sporty eldest son, Jackson, as he dashed through the grassy field.

“What the knucklehead,” she wrote affectionately in her Instagram Story.

Jackson clearly takes after his father’s interest in athletics. Many children will mirror a parent’s interest at a young age. We wonder if it will stick.

Oh, Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff look absolutely adorable in this back-to-school Instagram Story photo. (Instagram)

Back to real life

While there are a couple of reasons for which we would not call these kids “goons,” we know that Tori meant it in a positive way. And she absolutely was not using it’s more salacious meaning. (Don’t look it up)

Anyway, fans love seeing Tori and Zach’s adorable children.

However, many are conscious of the fact that they may be seeing a lot less of them. At least, when it comes to television.

Zach and Tori Roloff, who we absolutely adore, are featured in this confessional from Little People, Big World. (TLC)

Fans do not expect to see Zach and Tori return to Little People, Big World. They are already lamenting Zach’s non-participation in guided tours of Roloff Farms.

It’s possible that Caryn Chandler’s son is mistaken, and that every other report on the topic is wrong.

But maybe Zach and Tori have moved on. Or, if they haven’t already, perhaps they will very soon.