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If you know only one thing about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it’s probably that they have 19 children.

But only those who follow the family closely will know that for the past few years, there’s been a 20th member of the massive Duggar brood.

Back in 2016, the Duggars adopted a boy named Tyler Hutchins, who is the son of Michelle’s niece Rachel.

The identity of Tyler’s father is unknown, and his mother was unable to care for him due to substance abuse issues and troubles with the law.

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The Duggars assumed legal guardianship of a boy named Tyler in 2016. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For seven years, Tyler resided with the Duggars on their sprawling estate in northwest Arkansas.

When they first took the boy in, the Duggars were still at the height of their popularity.

In the years that followed, however, Jim Bob’s media empire would come crumbling down amid a succession of abuse and corruption scandals.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pose with their many, many children. (Photo Credit: TLC)

Through it all, Tyler stayed on with the Duggars, but now, at the age of 15, it looks as though the boy will be moving to a new home with new guardians.

But despite reports that the Duggars lost custody of Tyler amid their latest string of bad press, it seems that everyone involved consented to the change in guardianship.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Jim Bob and Michelle willingly surrendered custody of Tyler so that the teen would be able to move in with his grandparents.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids. One of them has been arrested on child pornography possession charges. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“We specifically consent to the appointment of his grandparents, John Martin Hutchins and Carolyn Jeanette Hutchins, as general guardians of minor child Tyler Wayne Hutchins and enter our appearance for any necessary purposes and proceedings in any court of contempt jurisdiction to be instituted for formal and legal guardianship of said child,” reads a filing obtained by the outlet.

The documents also reveal that the grandparents maintained “physical control and custody” of Tyler from the beginning of August 2015 to June 2016, at which time, Jim Bob and Michelle became his guardians.

It’s unclear why the grandparents were initially unable to care for Tyler, but it seems that he moved back in with them in June of 2023.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seem like awful parents. Seriously, just the worst… you know? (Photo Credit: TLC)

“Petitioners have physical control and custody of the minor child and have acted as caregivers for the minor child since June 5 of this year,” reads one filing.

“The Petitioners, husband and wife, are legally qualified to serve as guardians of said person,” the document continues.

“The Petitioners believe that they are the fit and proper persons to provide for the care and welfare of Tyler. They are requesting that they be the appointed guardians.”

The Hollywood Gossip
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are bad people and even worse parents. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The request was granted, seemingly with the full approval of Jim Bob and Michelle.

Obviously, Tyler’s life has not been an easy one up to this point.

Hopefully, with this new move, he’ll begin to enjoy the sort of stable home life that all children deserve.