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You know how everyone loves Taylor Swift these days?

How the singer can do no wrong and has an enormous fan base that includes teenage girls, their mothers, their dad and even superstar football players?


Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are the exact opposite of Taylor Swift in every conceivable way.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar don’t seem like good people, in our opinion. (Instagram)

The parents of 19 have always had a questionable reputation due to the way they raised their children with such strict, shocking and conservative values.

But then Amazon released a documentary this summer that sought to expose the church that helped Jim Bob and Michelle push these values.

Then, Jill Duggar published a memoir that made things even more personal and damaging for these former reality stars, as she detailed all the ways in which they made her life miserable over the years.

Jill said her dad threatened her upon learning about this book.

Jill also said her dad clearly favored her pedophile of a brother over her.

Jill Duggar is holding the manuscript for her explosive memoir in this photo. (Instagram)

In response to these accusations, In Touch Weekly writes that Jim Bob and Michelle are quite unhappy.

“Behind the scenes, Jim Bob and Michelle are seething,” this tabloid reports.

“Not only has Jill humiliated them by sharing private family information, but they feel she’s depicted them as monsters. For Jill to tell her story without their consent is seen as a betrayal.

“The shocking thing is, in Jim Bob and Michelle’s eyes, this book will harm the family more than Josh’s abuse scandal did.”

The Hollywood Gossip
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are two seriously messed-up people. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Josh Duggar, of course, confessed to molesting his own sisters when he was a young teenager.

He also confessed to cheating on his wife with women he met on the Internet.

He was then convicted of child pornography possession in December 2021 and later sentenced to over 12 years in federal prison.

“Watching the way my parents protected my brother … it’s still hard to swallow,” Jill writes in her memoir, at one point revealing she finally confronted her dad, telling him:

“You treat me worse than you treat my pedophile brother.”

Look out, Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar has come out with a book that exposes just how evil you truly are. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

According to OK!, meanwhile, Jim Bob and Michelle are upset about the revelations in the tell-all book because “they’ve carefully cultivated this image of being wholesome parents, but Jill describes them as mean and spiteful.”

We have no idea how or when these Duggars were ever considered wholesome parents… but we’re just reporting on the report here.

Adds this same insider:

“Jim Bob and Michelle are so focused on their image and their standing in their community. Jill believes they prioritize that over their family’s happiness.”

Jill Duggar holds a cup of coffee while looking into the camera for this selfie. (Instagram)

Jill has said on multiple occasions that she has next to no contact with her parents at this point.

In a statement they released a few weeks ago in response to their daughter’s memoir, Jim Bob and Michelle said:

“We love all of our children very much. As with any family, few things are more painful than conflicts or problems among those you love.

“We do not believe the best way to resolve conflicts, facilitate forgiveness and reconciliation, or to communicate through difficulties, is through the media.”