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Kailyn Lowry is clearly aware of what everyone is saying these days about her.

She has heard the rumors. She has read the speculation.

Heck, she’s even responded almost directly to a lot of it.

And yet: When it comes to chatter online about whether or not Lowry secretly gave birth months ago to child number-five… the Teen Mom alum refuses to shoot it down completely.

Kailyn Lowry wraps her arms around son Lux in this cute photo. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As you’ve likely read about by now, Lowry’s ex, Chris Lopez, has helped fuel the talk of a fifth child on numerous occasions.

In a very recent interview, for example, Lopez referenced the “new” kid in Kailyn’s life, marking the latest example of him insisting that Lowry welcomed a baby late last year.

Is Chris Lopez the most reliable source? Considering his ugly past with Lowry, with whom he shares two kids but also a violent and contentious history?


Kailyn Lowry has four sons. Here she is with the oldest, Isaac. (Instagram)

But the rumor has picked up momentum of late and Kailyn could put an end to it with one defiant statement.

Instead… she posted a TikTok video a few days ago of five-year old Lux saying silly things while taking part in various activities.

At one point, Lux is apparently watching an episode of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters, which is surprising — but also not the point right now.

A multitude of viewers went ahead and commented, however, that they heard a bunch of baby sounds in the background.

Kailyn Lowry looks beautiful and very warm in this beach selfie during her Thailand trip. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“You can hear the baby grunting Kail,” one person remarked, referencing the alleged fifth child and prompting Lowry to cite her young son in response:

“That’s creed whining.”

This statement didn’t put an end to the debate, though.

“That may be Creed in the beginning but at the very end that’s definitely a baby cry,” wrote a second user.

Kail cries during one of her final MTV appearances. (MTV)

Nope, Kailyn emphasized one more, writing:

“That’s creed. You can see his arm in the checkers.”

These counters by Kailyn did little to silent the doubters.

“Now Kail, We all know the sound of a baby vs a Toddler.. girl I love ya but you not fooling us boo,” another person wrote.

Added yet another: “Like is she taunting us with the baby? We can hear him!”

Kailyn Lowry and a Kid
Say what you want about Kailyn Lowry, folks. But she sure has cute kids, doesn’t she?!? (Instagram)

Here’s the thing:

Lowry goes back and forth with these critics and, yes, she tells them they’re wrong for thinking they hear a baby on this one video.

But she doesn’t just come right out and say for certain that no such baby exists.

Is that because she did give birth last year? Is it because she enjoys the attention.

We can’t say for sure.

All we know is that Lowry is gonna keep having a lot of sex no matter what these strangers say to her or about her.


Kailyn Lowry Refuses to Say Once and For All That She Doesn’t Have 5 Kids - Unfilterednews

Monday 3rd of July 2023

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