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After last week kicked off the first Hamptons trip for The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Season 14 cast, we knew that trouble was brewing.

And we were right.

During the night, Jenna Lyons left. In fact, she tried to sneak out. Her plan was to return in the morning without anyone noticing.

Well, they noticed. And that was only one of several slights towards Erin Lichy, their mostly-gracious host.

Erin Lichy awakens at her Hamptons home and the colorful Ubah Hassan comes down to greet her on Season 14, Episode 3 of RHONY. (Bravo)

As Season 14, Episode 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City began, it was morning in the Hamptons.

Jessel Taank and Ubah Hassan came to greet their lovely host, Erin Lichy.

Ubah was a tall splash of bright colors in this bleak, neutral-filled era of home decor. They discussed last night’s surprise.

A flashback on RHONY 14 showed the Housewives that evening at Erin Lichy’s Hamptons home. While the host and Ubah Hassan danced, Jessel Taank cheered them on. (Bravo)

In the evening, the ladies enjoyed themselves, laughing and dancing and playing music.

It seems that the music was a little loud.

Even though it was only about 10:30 PM, Jenna Lyons had gone to bed. Unable to sleep, she sought to make her escape under the cover of night.

Jenna Lyons ducked out of the Hamptons party on RHONY 14’s third episode, revealing that she would have a phone call in the pre-dawn darkness. Fortunately, she has her own home in town. (Bravo)

Okay, we’re being a little dramatic. But she did try to make it out the door without anyone noticing. But they noticed.

“I’ve got a 6:30 call,” she explained. Honestly? I’d have been in bed hours earlier, so one can understand needing some sleep.

But it hurt Erin’s feelings. Especially after Erin had given Jenna the nicest of the guest rooms. Jenna’s own Hamptons home was a mere 10 minutes away, but it seemed … rude.

RHONY fans quickly observed that Jessel Taank likes to voice complaints about almost everything. Her Season 14 castmates noticed, too. (Bravo)

While Jenna didn’t have any complaints, except for the noise, Jessel was happy to make up the difference.

She was quick to comment on the cold. Apparently, the heat pump gave out and left the upstairs pretty chilly. (That sounds like a dream … for me. Maybe not for everyone)

Jessel made fun of her lingerie gift, complained about the cold, and suggested that Jenna had left because her Hamptons home has an ocean view.

Sai De Silva came rushing into the room on RHONY 14’s Hamptons trip … only to slip. She later joked that the floors were simply “too clean.” (Bravo)

Meanwhile, after Sai crashed into the room — a bit literally — she had a very different mood.

She noted how some individuals have a negative energy when they wake up.

Sai was a bit of positivity that Erin clearly needed. She’s new to being a Housewife and to hosting something like this. It was brave of her to go first.

Somehow, Jenna Lyons has returned to Erin Lichy’s Hamptons home on RHONY 14’s third episode. But she has some explaining to do. (Bravo)

Jenna did arrive, and she came bringing coffee (at least, that’s what it looked like).

Obviously, everyone wanted to know whys he just up and left. She’d tried to sneak out, even.

Erin specifically mentioned that she’d delayed making shakshuka just for Jenna … who then didn’t even stick around for when they might have eaten breakfast.

After some mild confrontation over her late-night departure, Jenna Lyons reminds her RHONY 14 castmates that they’re all adults and can do what they want. That includes making breakfast without her. (Bravo)

Of course, though her departure was a bit of a snub, Jenna did make some great points.

One, that she had an early morning call. The music was unavoidable while she tried to sleep. Sometimes, you have to make a choice. And that can mean putting work first.

Second, Jenna reminded them that they are all adults. Erin could have made whatever she wanted for breakfast.

As host Erin Lichy notes that she had planned to make shakshuka, Jenna Lyons’ voiceover quips: “Are you shaks–tting me?” A certified banger. (Bravo)

In a voiceover (while speaking to the confessional camera), Jenna quipped “are you, like, shaksh–tting me?”

RHONY 14 has a new cast and they’re all fresh faces. No one is iconic just yet.

But that line is one to remember. Also, I’m kind of craving Shakshuka now. Though I agree with Jenna — I would perish if I ate it before a workout.

Erin Lichy looks on with delight as Ubah Hassan solicits a hug from David, the personal trainer. David is very hot. (Bravo)

Exercise before breakfast became the plan. When David, their trainer, arrived, Ubah’s attitude suddenly shifted from disinterest to great interest.

Folks, David is super hot.

No one was subtle about their thirst for David as they began doing resistance workouts in Erin’s backyard.

A day late but not a dollar short, Brynn Whitfield arrives in the Hamptons. (Bravo)

Brynn Whitfield had been too sick to attend the day before.

However, in the morning, she arrived. She did not receive the royal welcome that she anticipated.

Instead, Ubah roasted her to the confessional camera about her fur coat ensemble. To her, it did not suggest a Hamptons look.

Upon arrival, Brynn Whitfield immediately begins to flirt heavily with David. They have known each other for years. (Bravo)

Brynn was even flirtier than Ubah was with David. And yes, it’s possible.

This wasn’t lust at first sight. Brynn has worked out with David before, and her antics made Ubah look positively subtle.

Meanwhile, Jenna both roasted Brynn’s flirtatious nature and admitted that she could probably learn from her.

Brynn Whitfield cannot help but observe a “double standard” in how one of her castmates responds to slights. She talks to Jessel Taank about this while the other ladies are visiting the bathroom en masse. (Bravo)

Speaking of Brynn and Jenna, while the other ladies went to the bathroom at breakfast, Brynn pointed out Erin’s unequal standards.

If Brynn skips out on a restaurant, Erin’s unhappy. But if Jenna straight-up leaves her home, she lets it go.

She confronted her about it when the ladies returned. Erin emphasized that she doesn’t have a problem with Brynn. But … she did admit that she just likes Jenna more.

Brynn Whitfield cracks up as castmates repeat Jessel Taank’s complaints about the lingerie gift from the night before. (Bravo)

People also roasted Jessel a bit for just how mean she was when complaining about Jenna’s lingerie gift.

It wasn’t nice. Jessel seems to be able to acknowledge that something was unkind … but it never seems to deter her. In her mind, not being rude means not saying anything at all. At least, that’s the impression that she gives.

When the Housewives toasted over a delicious sushi dinner (oh gosh I want sushi now), they began to share some intimate details.

Jenna Lyons, Brynn Whitfield, Ubah Hassan, Jessel Taank, Erin Lichy, and Sai De Silva all share a toast on their second night in the Hamptons. (Bravo)

Erin boned in a senator’s office. Brynn rode a Saudi prince and a professional athlete in reverse cowgirl. Presumably, on different occasions.

“She doesn’t like to see who she’s screwing but she wants to show everyone her ass, which is very on brand for Brynn,” Ubah quipped.

Sai and Brynn did share stories about how they’d both grown up with nothing. They’ve come a long way.