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We have an update on the ugly custody battle brewing between Amber Portwood and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

As previously reported, Glennon filed an emergency order in late May that aimed at basically cutting Portwood off entirely from contact with the former couple’s son, James.

We weren’t certain why at the time; we just knew that Glennon believed the Teen Mom OG star should have even less access to the five-year old than she’s been having for the last several months.

Which is saying a lot — because Glennon and James live in California, while Amber resides in Indiana.


Now, however, our friends at The Ashley’s Reality TV Roundup have obtained both Andrew’s filing and Amber’s response.

“Petitioner genuinely fears for the minor child’s safety in Respondent’s care and believes that it would endanger the child’s physical health and well-being and significantly impair the child’s emotional development for Respondent to exercise parenting time at this time,” Andrew told the court six weeks ago.

“Petitioner believes that it is in the child’s best interest that Respondent’s parenting time with the minor child be suspended immediately pending further Order of this Court.”

The issue(s) that prompted this filing apparently stem from a visit Portwood took to see James between May 13 and May 18.


On May 16, Andrew was on a video call with his son when he bloodied his lip after jumping on a hotel room bed.

“The minor child had busted, bloody lip,” Glennon wrote.

“The minor child became hysterical, [Amber] began yelling, and [Amber] immediately terminated the video call with the [Andrew] and refused to respond for an extended amount of time to his numerous inquiries, including phone calls and text messages, as to what happened and what was going on.”

Afraid for his child’s safety, Andrew says he went to pick James up around 1:30 a.m., prompting a meltdown by Portwood.

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In her official response, Portwood defends herself by stating that James suffered the sort of accident that befalls children on a regular basis.

“A five-year-old jumping and biting his lip (on video call with his Father) is not an emergency,” Amber said.

“When the child injured his lip, Mother terminated the video call to tend to him.

“During this time, Mother missed phone call from Father. She returned his call and spoke with Father two minutes later.”

Andrew Glennon: Okay Yeah Amber Portwood May Be a Violent Psychopath ... But I Love and Forgive Her!

In his original filing, meanwhile, Glennon wondered whether or nor Amber had been bathing James during the visit, given that he had developed a “painful, blistering rash” on his back side.

He stated that Portwood “became very aggressive with [Andrew] when he inquired if the minor child had been bathed while in her care.”

Amber, who may be fired by MTV due to this scandal, replied in her own filing that the rash formed because James had not been wiping himself after using the bathroom.

And she also blamed Glennon for not sharing with her that the toddler was unable to do this.

Taking to his private social media page, Andrew Glennon shared a rare photo of 5-year-old son James Glennon! Both guys are rocking some phenomenal shirts. (Facebook)

The final reason Andrew gives for wanting to suppress Amber’s parenting time with James is that Amber was drinking alcohol during her time with James.

Portwood says she simply had one drink at one meal and any notion that it affected her behavior is preposterous.

“As the Court is aware, Mother is public figure.

“Father has made baseless allegations and provided the Court with selective information. Mother believes that Father’s allegations are made to cause her emotional and possible financial hardship,” she wrote.

Amber Portwood stares into the camera for this look at the long-time MTV personality. (Instagram)

Back on May 30, a judge agreed that Glennon’s accusations did not warrant any emergency action.

However, he scheduled a 90-minute custody meeting between the parties for this past Wednesday.

Andrew and Amber are scheduled to square off again in court on July 17 and then again on July 31 if a resolution cannot be reached before that.

Andrew Glennon Claims Amber Portwood Bloodied Son’s Lip, Refused to Bathe Him - Unfilterednews

Friday 7th of July 2023

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