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As has been made clear for many months now, Janelle and Christine Brown remain very close.

The two are no longer sister wives, not after each chose to walk away from spiritual spouse Kody, but they are both good friends and loyal colleagues.

The company for which they work, however?

It seems far less pure than the bond between these reality stars.

Looking VERY fancy, Christine and Janelle Brown! (Instagram)

On Thursday night, Christine and Janelle attended a black tie event hosted by Plexus Worldwide, as confirmed by each TLC personality.

“Black tie gala last night at Plexus convention. It’s fun to dress up!” wrote Janelle as a caption to the picture above.

Christine, for her part, put rumors of a split from David Woolley to rest by sharing the following snapshot and writing the following words along with it:

Went to a @plexusworldwide black tie gala last night with some of my favorite people. I LOVE doing a home based business with my family! #blessed #nashville #plexus #living #loveofmylife


It’s great, of course, that Janelle and Christine get along so well.

But it’s less great that they’ve hitched their professional wagons to Plexus.

The official Plexus website alleges it is “on the cutting edge of health science, with a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness.”

It supposedly works to rid the “body of the bad stuff” and “pave the way to better digestive health.”

Heck, “Plexus products work,” the website emphasizes, adding that these items that are “the highest quality non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, and gluten free, wherever possible.”

Christine Brown is showing off both her engagement ring here, and a beverage she claims will help you lose weight. (Instagram)

Sounds totally amazing, doesn’t it?

Continue to scroll through the aforementioned website further, however, and the sketchy multi-level marketing plan is basically spelled out for all to see, as it tells potential salespeople:

Introduce the people you love to the products you love—because really, they’re too great to keep to yourself. Change someone’s life with a great product, and change your own life with the opportunity to grow your income, earn incredible rewards, and find personal fulfillment.

Love it. Share it. Become an Ambassador.

Sounds VERY much like a pyramid scheme in our opinion.


This seems notable (and worrisome) because Meri Brown has also been accused of shilling for a similarly shady operation, LuLaRoe.

This defensive mother of one has denied such an allegation, clapping back last May:

“Fun fact, a pyramid scheme is when you pay money and you don’t get anything in return,” Brown fired back.

“But with LuLaRoe you actually get something in return, and that’s called super cute clothes!

“I’m grateful to have a company like this to be involved with, a company flooded with women and men who lift each other up, a company that wants to see me succeed, a company whose owners pray for each one of us daily, a company of integrity.”