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It was way back on March 1 that the world learned about the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

Word traveled fast — very fast — and the public’s shock over the Scandoval continues to this day.

But it seems that the cast might not have been quite as surprised as the rest of us.

We say that because last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules — which was shot in mid-September of last year — was absolutely loaded with clues that Tom and Raquel were banging, and Sandoval’s attempts to cover them up were hilariously inept.

The current season of Vanderpump Rules has been terrible for Sandoval’s reputation. (Photo via Bravo)

In fact, Wednesday’s installment featured scenes that were downright hard to watch knowing what we know now.

Sandoval gleefully singing Raquel’s praises during her birthday glamping trip while Ariana looks on and smiles?

Yeah, we hope Tom enjoyed that “nice guy” reputation while he had it, because that sh-t is long gone now.

Tom Sandoval is not very popular with his co-stars these days. (Photo via Bravo)

But the most significant thing about the episode is that this was the one where the other cast members really started to catch on.

Sure, Ally Lewber had already spotted Tom and Raquel dancing at the Abbey, and Katie half-heartedly called Sandoval out at Lala’s birthday, but even she didn’t seem to believe there was really anything going on.

This week, however, we have Ken freakin’ Todd — who usually couldn’t care less about the drama surrounding his wife’s hangers-on — eagerly calling Sandoval out for having Raquel over while Ariana was in Florida for her grandmother’s funeral.

Tom Sandoval gleefully lied about his affair with Raquel Leviss. (Photo via Bravo)

As if the news that Sandoval saw his girlfriend’s grief as an opportunity to bang his side-piece wasn’t bad enough, the episode also contained the revelation that Tom stayed out partying after he first learned of the death of Ariana’s grandmother.

This news came to us courtesy of Lala Kent, who clearly decided long ago that she really, really doesn’t like Sandoval.

Confronted with the allegation during a party for Kristina Kelly’s skincare line, Tom resorted to the Lebowski-esque mumblebro excuse-making that he seems to think is charming.

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Tom Sandoval’s lies are beginning to unravel. (Photo via Bravo)

“I found out that my grandma died while you were there — you knew about that and then Jason (Sandoval’s ride home) said, ‘I’m gonna leave,’ and then you said, ‘I’m gonna stay?’” an angry Ariana asked Tom.

“Well yeah, I kind of figured that you’d wanna be alone,” Sandoval rather lamely replied.

“I should’ve — I just figured that you’d kinda like, I don’t know.”

Ariana speaks her mind in a trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season 10. (Photo via Bravo)

Between that and Ariana enthusiastically defending Raquel throughout, we’re guessing this was a very difficult episode for the newly-single Ms. Madix to watch.

“I get it, Katie hates Raquel, but Raquel’s my friend, and she’s someone who is kind and sweet and loyal and just a delight since the day I met her,” Ariana said in a confessional.

We can’t wait to contrast that quote with Ariana’s comments about Raquel during the upcoming Vanderpump reunion.

Something tells us she’s had a change of heart!