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With the ugly moments on the The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, many fans are wondering what comes next.

The Reunion, obviously, And of course Teresa and Luis’ wedding special, with all of the (wedding) bells and whistles.

Bravo had a plan — to start filming again in June, right on the heels of airing the wedding special. That’s smart, for many reasons.

Except that it’s not happening that way. Some feuds are too toxic for even reality TV, and the case of Teresa v. Melissa has forced production to go on hiatus.

At the end of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13, Danielle Cabral, Rachel Fuda, and Melissa Gorga were among the ladies who dressed up in era garb. (Bravo)

Page Six reports that Bravo has placed The Real Housewives of New Jersey “on pause.”

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga were frenemies, then foes. Now, they are “legitimately estranged.”

Family friction makes for great television. But this? They’re not interacting or engaging with each other, and that has brought plans for next season to a grinding halt.

“I’m not inviting them,” Luis Ruelas announces to Teresa Giudice. This is when she realizes that he has forgotten that she is filming today. (Bravo)

Bravo is reportedly unsure of how to move forward with another season at present.

This is impacting more than just the feuding ladies and their respective spouses.

No one, Page Six reports, has been offered a contract — or been fired — for next season.

Ultimately, Melissa Gorga noted that her daughter was not the only relative to miss an event due to scheduling conflicts. It’s normal. (Bravo)

Yes, everyone wants a Season 14.

But there is not even a production date in mind for the season to begin filming.

There were plans, of course, for cameras to begin rolling again in June. That is just weeks away.

Becoming sad, Teresa Giudice reveals that her own brother has not been returning her calls. (Bravo)

The idea was, as we mentioned, that cameras would capture the cast after the Reunion special airs — and the wedding special.

That makes a lot of sense. After giving everyone an extended break (more than half a year, minus the Reunion, which filmed several weeks ago), watching themselves on screen would be a refresher.

Instead, the drama is too much. This can happen with reality TV sometimes — as an on-screen feud make it impossible to get two people into a room together. That can be a show-killer.

Speaking to Danielle Cabral, Melissa Gorga expresses surprise to learn that she is the topic of conversation. (Bravo)

Showrunners have now informed the Housewives themselves to make new plans for June, because everything is on hiatus.

(Of course, these Housewives don’t yet know if they will still be on the show … it’s all very complicated)

However, knowing that they will have unexpected free weeks this summer, some of them are reportedly planning vacations. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Teresa Giudice posed beside her bridal shower treats, including this towering cake by Platinum House of Sweets. (Instagram)

Some of the Housewives are excited at this quick break. Others were reportedly looking forward to the extra income and are anxious about their finances if this hiatus goes on too long.

Meanwhile, Bravo has managed to not make any final decisions on Season 14’s cast.

And it’s unclear how any of the bad blood between Teresa and Melissa is going to improve … ever. Reports say that Teresa is at her table-flipping worse at the Reunion, but we’ll all have to see that for ourselves.