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James Duggar has been making a headlines in recent weeks.

And the attention he’s been receiving is not the kind that’s likely to make his family proud.

James recently launched a YouTube channel, and it seems that he’s enjoying testing his boundaries and finding out firsthand how much his notoriously strict parents will tolerate.

Originally, James’ channel was titled “Duggars Gone Wild,” but he changed it last month, allegedly at the insistence of Jim Bob and Michelle.

There he goes! James Duggar is off to London in this photo of the ex-reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

But the content is just as wild as ever, and James’ Instagram page isn’t all that much more tame.

In fact, James’ latest Instagram Live session has resulted in some of the harshest commentary of his career.

For some reason, James recorded himself speeding down the highway at 80 mph.

James Duggar recently posted a video of himself zooming down the highway. (Photo via Instagram)

That wouldn’t be so bad on its own, but he was looking through a cracked windshield and using his phone while driving.

And as many commenters pointed out, there are quite a few red lights illuminated on his dashboard, as well.

“This does not look safe…” one Reddit user wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

James Duggar is trying to make a name for himself as an influencer. (Photo via Instagram)

“Many red lights on the dashboard, I don’t know much about cars, but I have been taught red= stop.”

“Red lights on dashboard, filming while driving – next to a semi – and giant crack in the windscreen… all his reckless driving posts make me concerned he won’t see his 25th birthday, at this rate,” another person added.

“The cracked windshield and driving while filming are absolutely horrifying,” a third chimed in.

It seems that James Duggar is testing his boundaries. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’m disgusted by people who post photos of their distracted driving,” a fourth said.

Needless to say, the reaction to James’ latest content was not exactly positive.

And this is not the first time that he’s attracted the wrong kind of attention for his allegedly unsafe behavior on the road.

James is seen speeding down the highway in this pic. (Photo via Instagram)

Just last month, James piled into the back of a cargo truck with some friends, and they proceeded to zoom down the highway.

Now, it’s worth noting that the guy is 21, and this is the sort of thing that 21-year-olds do.

But he’s also a Duggar, and he’s grown up in the spotlight, so he should probably know not to put this sort of thing out there for all the world to see.

James is under fire for a controversial hand gesture. (Photo via Instagram)

James should probably get used to the idea that people are gonna dissect his every action in search of something to get upset about.

And he should probably know by now that his parents will get pissed off at just about everything he does.

In other words, posting his questionable behavior on social media is the ultimate lose-lose.