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During the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, viewers watched as Debbie met Oussama’s family.

The good news was that Debbie is not older than his dad.

But the bad news, for Oussama, is that Debbie is now looking to take the next step. She wants to make plans for the future.

Oussama is not ready. He grows agitated, snapping at Debbie, and calling her crazy.

In the 90 Day Fiance: the Other Way Season 4, Episode 12 sneak peek that you can watch below, Debbie Aguero sits with Oussama.

The two artists are painting, out in a field, seemingly on his family’s farm. However, Debbie wants to talk about plans for the future.

Oussama very emphatically does not.

Oussama doesn’t simply ask if they can enjoy the moment for now and talk about plans later.

Instead, he tells Debbie, in no uncertain terms, that they are there for two reasons:

“To ride the donkey and to paint,” he insists. Nothing else.

Oussama goes on to demand that they not “talk about the plans.”

He tells Debbie that she always, always wants to make plans.

His hope is that, this time, they can just enjoy painting together. That would make him feel more comfortable.

Debbie feels like she is in limbo right now.

She doesn’t really have a long-term home in Morocco, despite moving there.

Obviously, she wants to feel security. And, given that Oussama has given her reasons to doubt his intentions, she wants assurance that they are on the same page.

Well, she’s not getting it.

Oussama wants to paint, but it’s about more than that.

He has been avoiding a serious conversation for a while now. And he has no intention of stopping. Debbie, on the other hand, cannot keep waiting.

“When I talk about the future, and needing security,” Debbie counters calmly. She has the tone of a grandmother trying to soothe a moody grandchild. “You always kind of say, ‘we’ll talk about it later.'”

Debbie emphasizes: “I don’t want to push you at all. But I feel I need to make plans.”

Though Oussama is clearly feeling impatient and frustrated, she adds: “Like, can we look at apartments online tonight?”

“Maybe we can,” Oussama replies, while not looking at her.

His tone suggests that he is saying this to shut her up. He sounds angry and annoyed, not sincere.

And, as you can see below, when Oussama tells Debbie his “plans,” it’s clear that he has zero interest in Debbie’s apartment search.

Debbie cannot help but remark that she is accustomed to having “deep” and pleasant conversations with Oussama.

Of course, those were over text message.

Debbie is “getting nothing, man.” She wonders if she should get out her phone to text him to have another honest conversation.

Oussama then accused Debbie of not being patient with him.

In his mind, she is rushing to “do everything” now. They are clearly moving at very different paces — or wanting to, anyway.

Debbie explains that she “just wanted you to sketch an outline of our future.” Oussama still feels like that would be premature.

“Are you crazy?” Oussama then asks.

“You are sick,” he accuses.

Oussama speculates that Debbie has “like, mental illness or something.” Absolutely outrageous.

A deeply hurt Debbie reacts with understandable shock, accusing Oussama of acting “cold-blooded right now.”

Oussama replies by saying that this is making him angry, “and I am not angry in my nature.”

Debbie begins to talk about how he is making her feel, and how this is seeming to confirm her kids’ doubts about him.

Meanwhile, Oussama himself continues to paint. That’s what he wants to do — to sit there and paint, and pretend like they don’t have to make any important decisions.

A furious Oussama puts down his paintbrush to tell Debbie his idea, calling it “our plan.” And it’s very different from what we had heard before.

He tells her that she “will” take him to the United States, where he will work. And he adds that this will “never change.” Um, when was he going to tell Debbie — who is moving to Morocco to be with him — about this?