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Debbie Aguero compared Oussama’s poetry reading to drinking a glass of cognac during the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

After demonstrating his love for her in such a public way, it’s time for the next step: meeting his family.

But how do they feel about this relationship and its extreme age gap?

Is Debbie older than both of Oussama’s parents?

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If you followed our detailed recap of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4, Episode 10, you know that Oussama proved himself to Debbie.

She had major doubts, especially after he confessed that he did not yet feel ready to marry her.

Reading a poem that he dedicated to her, publicly declaring that she is his fiancee … that, to Debbie, was better than flowery words in private.

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There are some looks of uncertainty and perhaps even discomfort as Debbie and Oussama sit down with his family in Parade‘s sneak peek.

Debbie, speaking in English, addresses the obvious: she is way, way older than Oussama. So much older than he is that their age gap is more than 40 years.

But Debbie explains that neither of them latched onto the other’s age at first. Instead, they fell for each other through art.

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Poetry and painting are two big interests for the two of them. That is how they found each other on social media.

Debbie says that these art forms were the foundation of her friendship, and now romance, with Oussama.

(Admittedly, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers have not seen many signs of “romance” … but they get to define their relationship, we don’t)

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After Debbie says what she has to say, Oussama echoes her thoughts.

Significantly, this time, he is not speaking English. He is partially translating, partially agreeing with Debbie as he speaks.

And he gives his folks the same speech — about how their age gap is just a detail, about how they forged a bond through shared appreciation for art.

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To their great relief, Oussama’s father sounds very welcoming and affirming.

He says that, in his mind, an age gap “never was a block” so long as people have things in common, are like-minded, and understand each other.

While viewers haven’t necessarily witnessed Oussama and Debbie being on the same page, they do like some of the same things. And they clearly appreciate each other’s goofy antics in ways that, perhaps, no one else would.

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Oussama translates his father’s blessing for Debbie’s benefit. This is all to her great relief.

Interestingly, his mother and sister do not seem as eager to speak up with their outspoken approval.

But his dad more than makes up for that … though he does admit that it was a bit weird, at first, when he first learned about Oussama’s mostly-online flirtation with Debbie.

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However, he explained that he saw how happy his son was and how much they liked each other.

Besides, even though Oussama lives at home, he’s an adult young man. His father explained that his son has freedom, and he couldn’t change his heart if he wanted to.

Of course, Debbie then asks a very awkward question: how old, exactly, are 24-year-old Oussama’s parents?

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Oussama’s father, it turns out, is 68 years old. That makes him older than Debbie … by a matter of months.

The family shares laughs — including Oussama’s mother and sister — over the inherent comedy of the situation.

Debbie admits that she feels “headed in the right direction now.” But how long will that last?