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In the eyes of many Little People, Big World fans, Matt Roloff traded his relationship with kids for a host of other goals.

His finances, his big dream home project with Caryn, and his business. All of those have seemed to come first.

All but one.

Matt’s business for Roloff Farms has shut down. We don’t mean that business isn’t moving or that something is closed for the moment. Legally speaking, the business no longer exists.

In mid-March of 2023, Matt Roloff shared this photo. He was standing on some very early work on his future dream home. He’s going to need more walls. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

A new report from The US Sun reveals that Roloff Farms, Inc’s business title is no more.

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office has dissolved it.

This was an administrative dissolution, and it took place on April 13. But why?

Matt Roloff Drives
Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff drives around Roloff Farms in this sneak peek of the show’s season premiere.

As it turns out, the company did not file an annual report for his business’ 2023 year. It was due in February, more than two months ago.

That is the responsibility of the President and Secretary of the company.

Want to guess who holds those titles in Matt’s company, Roloff Farms, Inc? It’s Matt Roloff himself. So … apparently, he just didn’t do it.

Matt Roloff on Season 22
Matt Roloff is featured here on the Season 22 premiere of Little People, Big World.

(We’re not shaming him. Paperwork sucks, and he’s been up to a lot. Just reporting that he seemingly didn’t take any steps to fill out the report, even though he could have theoretically hired someone to do it for him)

So, this means that Matt’s business name is formally “inactive” by the standards of the government of Oregon.

We don’t know where this will lead Matt’s “farming and pumpkin season agritainment” activities for the rest of the year. Especially since Oregon law really, really wants business owners to register their business names with the state.

In mid-April of 2023, Matt Roloff shared a fresh update on his future dream home. Construction on the Roloff Farms project had come a long way in one month’s time. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Thus far, there has been no official explanation from Matt or from Roloff Farms on the matter.

Maybe he felt distracted. Maybe he’s feeling “so over it” or hopes that a lack of business credentials won’t interfere with any immediate projects.

But … this is not the first time that something like this has happened. Last time was just six months ago.

Taking to social media in mid March 2023, Matt Roloff became personally involved while updating followers on the house-building process. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In October of 2022, Matt had not filed an annual report for a different company.

This time, it was his production company, R6Productions, Inc.

As such, the Oregon Secretary of State dissolved that business license.

Matt Roloff offered a closer view of his future dream home, still under construction in mid April 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Of course, R6Productions is something that Matt and Amy launched together in 2006. Maybe they were just done with it. Maybe he was just done with it.

But fans obviously have questions.

Is Matt retiring? Or is he just behind on paperwork because it’s not a real priority to him right now.