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Last month, Matt Roloff’s dream home construction project began in earnest.

Years of planning went into this. Matt and his lady love, Caryn Chandler, want to spend the rest of their lives on the Roloff Farms house.

Matt has been updating fans and followers in recent weeks on how far along things have come.

His latest update came this week, and the progress is truly astounding. As you can see for yourself below, it’s looking much more like an actual house!

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In early April 2023, Matt Roloff shared this selfie of himself with Caryn Chandler as they enjoyed a quick trip to Arizona. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Last month, Matt Roloff took to social media to announce that work was at long last underway.

“Very excited to be finally, after five years of planning to be starting our own new house,” the Little People, Big World star began.

He shared: “@JacobRoloff45 is cutting up logs we’ve been saving.” 

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In mid-March of 2023, Matt Roloff shared this photo. He was standing on some very early work on his future dream home. He’s going to need more walls. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Matt went into detail. He shared that some of the wood is simply purchased. That is pretty realistic.

However, some of the lumber would be “cut on our LT40 mill we have at the farm,” the family patriarch detailed.

“It’s going to be a busy, busy spring/summer,” Matt then very accurately predicted.

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Taking to social media in mid March 2023, Matt Roloff became personally involved while updating followers on the house-building process. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Obviously, the earliest photos showed stacks of wood and some free-standing walls that did not amount to much.

Those familiar with construction projects know that one can drive past a barely-there skeleton of a future building for weeks or months without any idea of what it will look like eventually.

In mid-March, Matt celebrated the very first wall. Not much changed during that first week.

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By the middle of March 2023, Matt Roloff was happy to show how his new project on Roloff Farms was coming along. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

However, layers and additional supports went up even before the start of April.

This project is a wealthy man’s home, and they are building it on a sprawling property that Matt owns. He also has a lot of equipment on site.

It is possible that Matt’s means and location are allowing him to speed things along in ways that, say, a downtown construction project could never emulate.

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It was in late March that Matt Roloff shared this update on Roloff Farms, showing a lot of progress on his future dream home. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

A few weeks ago, you could really see that Matt and Caryn’s future dream home was beginning to take the shape of an actual house.

His latest update came this week.

Just one month after Matt’s house gained its first actual wall, it is looking profoundly house-shaped.

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In mid-April of 2023, Matt Roloff shared a fresh update on his future dream home. Construction on the Roloff Farms project had come a long way in one month’s time. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Craziest, most fun, and exciting time in my life,” Matt Roloff captioned the updated photos.

“Yes .. its exhausting,” he admitted. “But life at the ripe old age of 61 is still exhilarating.”

Matt reminded his fans and followers that “building things has always been a passion of mine.”

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Matt Roloff offered a closer view of his future dream home, still under construction in mid April 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Now I’m having fun,” Matt then declared.

“Oh… and the negative Nelly’s out there …,” he addressed. “Sorry you’re not having fun in life.”

Building a dream home certainly sounds exciting!