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As wild as things get on Mama June: Road to Redemption, sometimes this family’s off-screen lives are even more chaotic.

We have seen Alana and Lauryn on TikTok, at times not exercising their best judgment.

This time, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon is asking fans for help.

Despite her ongoing reality TV career, she needs fan donations to pay bills. But her husband doesn’t like that she’s asking.

Lauryn Shannon is Furious
Mama June: Family Crisis star Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon laments that her mother ghosted on rehab and the whole family.

It is difficult at times to imagine what Lauryn Shannon’s life is like. She became a mom as a teenager. She is now a mother of four. At just 23.

Plus, she has custody over her sister, Alana, until Alana becomes an adult.

Add that to the peculiarities of reality stardom and the absolute nightmare of Lauryn’s childhood and family background, and she has fairly unique experiences.

The ladies of the Shannon family during one of their happier gatherings. (Photo via Instagram)

All of that is the backdrop fro Lauryn going on TikTok live recently.

Despite having recently accused her critics of being “broke,” she admitted to having her own financial problems.

Lauryn reported that she is behind on car payments. How behind? She narrowly avoided a repossession just days earlier.

Lauryn Shannon Gender Reveal Pic
Lauryn Shannon is about to bite into this cupcake and learn the gender of her baby.

Now, Lauryn did not directly ask fans to donate to help her to pay bills. But she might as well have.

She posted Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App links (very few people have all three) links. The implication of what she wanted from fans was very clear.

And by the end of the livestream, Lauryn shared that fans had donated about $1,000. Wow!

Lauryn Shannon Recoils in Horror
Mama June: Road for Redemption star Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon recoils in revulsion at her partner’s suggestion.

That was not the only way that Lauryn offered to fans for them to help her to make ends meet.

Countless Twitch streamers, sex workers, and other online entertainers post gift lists by which people can order things for them. These can vary from luxuries to furniture to essentials.

Lauryn shared that she would welcome fans ordering formula and diapers directly for her and her kids. Remember, they have four very little kids — including twin babies.

Asking for help can be one of the most challenging things for a person to do. But Lauryn seemed able to handle it.

However, her husband, Josh Efird, was clearly unhappy.

Lauryn clarified that he is working doing different things (that is extremely vague), but she admitted that it was not enough.

Lauryn Shannon and Josh Efird with Ella and Bentley

“He’s not doing too much,” Lauryn bluntly told followers who tuned in to the livestream.

“He wants the help [from people] but, like, he’s very private and he’s like, ‘It’s our business,'” she lamented.

Lauryn went on: “He doesn’t want to make it seem like he can’t do it. But he can’t! He can’t!”

Lauryn Shannon, Josh Efird Photo

Josh seemed downright pissed over all of this. At one point, he stormed out of the house.

And he also demanded that Lauryn return the money that fans donated.

It is unclear if she obliged. Perhaps Lauryn and Josh will have better luck with Cameo sales or something similar in the near future. We have to wonder what WeTV is paying … or not paying.