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As previously reported, Janelle Brown has lost over 100 pounds over the past several months.

What an impressive feat, right?

Earlier this week, however, the veteran Sister Wives cast member opened up about a loss of a very different kind.

Janelle’s beloved dog, Jack, has passed away.

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“My sweet Jack passed away this morning. Thanks to the vets who worked so hard to save him these past few days,” the 53-year old wrote alongside several photos of Jack via Instagram on Monday, March 13.

“Sadly his body just couldn’t overcome the disease that struck him suddenly late last week.”

There really are far more personal and painful tragedies than the loss of a pet.

Janelle went on to explain how the animal was actually her mother’s dog … who she took in following her mother’s passing in December 2020.

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Janelle Brown gives the camera a smile in this scenic photo.

“He wasn’t a stranger to us. I was with mom when she adopted him and he spent many months each year staying with us when mom visited,” she continued.

“We had a special bond before he came to us full-time…

“He will be really missed.

“My other pup Byrn is a little lost. And our hearts ache. But I am glad he is no longer suffering.”

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In a previous post, Brown revealed that Jack was diagnosed with an auto-immune type disorder.

“All is well,” she wrote at the time. “The vet said they don’t know what causes them but it’s manageable with medication.”

Alas. It appears as if things later took a turn for the worse.

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Janelle Brown opens up here during a confessional on the 17th season of Sister Wives.

Brown’s pets would frequently make appearances on her social media pages and accounts.

In November, the reality TV star posted a picture of Jack, Bryn and her daughter, Savannah.

“The dog version of great TV,” she captioned the photo. “They could watch someone cook for hours :). Especially when it’s a piece of meat. Isn’t Savanah so beautiful?

“And she is going to be 18 in about a week! This momma feels old!”

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Janelle’s loss comes three months after she walked away from her spiritual spouse, Kody Brown.

She ended her marriage to the father of 18 in December 2022, and hasn’t sounded as if she has a single regret.

“I’m not waiting for him. I’ve kind of mourned that that part of our life is gone,” Janelle said in January 2023.

“I wasn’t heartbroken.”