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Following two alleged “lewd” incidents, one of which was consensual, Bravo removed Brandi Glanville from filming Ultimate Girls Trip.

We do not yet know all of the details. Truth be told, Bravo doesn’t seem to either, as Peacock launched an investigation into the matter.

But long before Brandi flew out to Morocco to film, she appeared on The Traitors Season 1.

She appeared on Season 1 . . . but not the reunion. And this is not unrelated to the UGT mess.

Earlier in 2022, Brandi Glanville and others filmed The Traitors‘ 10-episode first season.

The talented Alan Cumming hosted the competition, where — long story short — contestants play a game and attempt to eliminate each other in order to win a prize. It’s based off of a Dutch show.

The first season was a hit, both in terms of ratings and critical reviews. Peacock already renewed it for a second season. But

The Traitors did very well with critics and viewers on Peacock during its debut season in early 2023.

This week, the first season held its reunion. As is often the case, the reunion took place many months after the season filmed.

Andy Cohen hosted the event, and of course he acknowledged the elephant in the room — the absence of Brandi Glanville.

As networks tend to do when one of their own cast members is embroiled in the bad-for-business kind of scandal, eh did not go into detail. Andy merely acknowledged that Brandi was “unfortunately not able to join us tonight.”

So what happened? Was Brandi sick? Was she too busy putting her ex’s alleged ex-mistresses on blast?

Obviously not.

Multiple inside sources have since confirmed to People that Brandi missed the event due to the ongoing internal investigation.

Peacock is currently investigating an alleged incident from last month in Morocco.

While filming and drinking at a party, reports say that Brandi and Caroline Manzo got hot and heavy. Kissing, that is.

It sounds like, at some point, there was a follow-up in which Brandi allegedly crossed boundaries, touching Caroline in ways that she felt were inappropriate. There are some contradictory reports on what the women did and said, and the world has yet to hear directly from Caroline.

Out of an abundance of caution, Peacock very properly launched an immediate investigation when they heard about what may have gone down.

Additionally, bigwigs opted to remove Brandi from production.

Caroline herself had already decided to return home the next day. Again, she has not made any sort of public statement or accusation.

“Brandi wanted nothing more than to attend The Traitors reunion,” Brandi’s rep shared this week.

The rep then added: “It has been one of Brandi’s favorite projects.”

“Brandi has been prohibited from sharing her side of the story and in turn, people have only heard unsubstantiated versions,” her representative noted. “Brandi maintains her innocence and vehemently denies any wrongdoing.”

Now, we have heard that Brandi’s behavior towards Caroline involved inappropriate touching despite Caroline’s reported distress.

We have also heard reports saying that Caroline had made positive comments after at least one incident with Brandi.

Unfortunately, we do not know what happened. We hope that Caroline is okay, and that Peacock’s investigation uncovers the truth of the matter. It is a good thing that the streaming service is taking this seriously.