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Contrary to a previous report, Mary Cosby is not out of a job.

Not entirely, at least.

According to Page Six, the Bravo personality has inked a deal to “film a few scenes” of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4, which is set to begin production on February 13.

She’ll appear solely in the capacity of a Friend when new episodes eventually return.

Look out, world! Mary Cosby is on the war path in this photo.

Still, this is an increase in screen time for Cosby after an insider told the same outlet a few days ago that executives were planning a major cast shake-up.

“They held auditions in the fall,” Page Six wrote last week.

“They were looking to replace three of them. They hadn’t decided if some of the ‘friends of’ would be promoted or if they’d find new talent.”

This same source said at the time that Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose were all safe, meaning both Jennie Nguyen and Cosby were seemingly in trouble.

We haven’t heard anything about Nguyen, but this is your update on Cosby.

Jen Shah, of course, won’t be seen on television for quite some time because she’s headed to federal prison for orchestrating a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

One of the newer shows in the enormous Real Housewives universe, the Salt Lake City franchise has become too “dark,” this Page Six source explained in the initial report.

Marks, for her part, later echoed this same sentiment.

“I think we need people who are going to help bridge the gap. Obviously, we’re very divided right now. That’s a problem,” Marks told The New York Post last month, adding of tension between colleagues in the past:

“It’s obviously really hard to have events and do things when we’re not getting along.

“So hopefully we have some people who can come in, lighten the mood and bridge the gap.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay looked beautiful and strong despite the Season 3 Reunion’s unflattering color scheme. (Image Credit: Bravo)

As for Cosby?

She “wanted to come back,” Page Six now writes, emphasizing that the star was “traumatized” by Jennie Nguyen’s recent racist controversy.

If you’ll recall, Nguyen was fired in January 2022 after just one season for a series of offensive social media posts that mocked the Black Lives Matter movement and protests of 2020.

“Jennie’s racist posts really seemed to shake Mary, especially after Jennie threw a glass at her on camera,” the source elaborated.

“Mary was grateful for the time away from the cameras, but she seems ready to get back in the mix.”