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This week, we learned that Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have reportedly split after three years of marriage.

It is entirely possible that producers were filming when their marriage ended. In fact, the breakup likely led Angela to have a foul-mouthed public meltdown.

But, given the nature of her reality TV stardom, Angela has yet to publicly comment on the split. Not directly, anyway.

Indirectly, Angela is making sure that everyone knows what she wanted from Michael — and what she didn’t get from him.

In the wake of the report that she and Michael Ilesanmi “are not together” despite three years of marriage, Angela Deem shared a little something to her Instagram Story.

Many of her posts are just of her face, speaking to her fans. Yes — she has genuine fans. There are many types of people in this world.

One post, from an influencer, simply stated: “All she really wants is a clean relationship. With no lies, no secrets, and no [exes]. Just you and her.”

That influencer was not speaking about Angela. There are no written antecedents to the pronouns “she” and “you.”

Rather, the influencer was offering general advice — presumably aimed at men who are in relationships with women. Or men who are wondering why they are no longer in relationships with a specific woman.

But, for Angela to share this — the same week as reports say that her marriage is over — likely means something.

Angela certainly wanted for her marriage to include “no lies” and “no secrets.” No cheating, no flirting, and no betrayals.

At least, no secrets from Michael’s end. We all know that Angela does whatever the hell that she wants.

And frankly, Angela doesn’t seem overly invested in keeping her own actions secret. She tends to tell Michael exactly what she has done. It’s as if she’s daring him to call her out for her blatant hypocrisy.

We have all watched with horror, disgust, and varying degrees of nausea as Angela flirts with whomever she likes.

Shaeeda joked about having to guard her husband, Bilal, from Angela’s avaricious eyes.

And, on a more realistic flirting level (Bilal would likely not fall for her, um, wiles), we all remember Angela’s on-screen flirting from Season 7.

Angela very openly flirted with Billy. She felt downright giddy when speaking to him. And she even made plans to go visit him.

Michael felt insecure and jealous. And Angela, by her own admission, intended to make him feel that way from the start.

Meanwhile, Angela became so enraged by Michael joining Instagram that she damaged his car and physically attacked him. Vile.

And yet, Michael ultimately did cheat on Angela. Leaving her feeling vindicated, even though her own actions were despicable.

Michael forged a relationship with a young American woman over Instagram. This was what Angela feared all along.

The two never met or had sex, but it was still cheating. And he suggested to this mistress that he was just using Angela to come to the US.

Angela oscillated between extremes while filming the Tell All special in September.

At first, she intended to stay with Michael. Later, she announced that she would file to divorce him — but couldn’t guarantee that she would sign.

Then, just a few days ago, a report shared that they are no longer together. And then there’s this:

Angela has been filming some sort of Marriage Boot Camp style 90 Day Fiance “all stars” project in the Florida Keys. Jovi, Yara, Kalani, Asuelu, Big Ed, and Liz have all been there, too.

Between production occupying major parts of the resort and an explicit screaming incident, this has ruffled the feathers of other hotel guests.

One has to wonder if Angela’s alleged tantrum may be related to her split with Michael. Though we should point out that she doesn’t need an excuse to be like this.