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There are some couples that are so random that they actually sort of make perfect sense.

Take, for example, Angelina Pivarnick and Jay Cutler.

She’s a reality star with a history of pissing off her castmates, and he’s a former NFL quarterback who’s known for infuriating the fans.

Other than their abrasive attitudes, they don’t seem to have a whole lot in common — but perhaps that’s exactly why Angelina decided to shoot her shot.

Yes, on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, Angeliners slid into Cutler’s DMs, and he responded rather promptly.

Thus far, the new season of Shore has centered around Mike’s participation in an upcoming cornhole tournament.

(It’s hard to keep things interesting when your cast is made up of surprisingly well-adjusted 40-year-olds, y’all!)

And Angelina says she was messaging Cutler in order to get inside his head and psyche him out as a favor to Mike.

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Angelina is always angry at her roommates. The current season of Jersey Shore features much Angeliners rage. (Photo via MTV)

“So I started private messaging them … just trying to help Mike,” Pivarnick explained to Snooki at one point.

“My full on intention is to help Mike in every which way I can,” she explained in a confessional segment.

“DMing these guys and getting in their heads, strategy wise, it makes perfect sense. You always want to distract your opponent. I will be the distractor, that’s my strategy.”

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Angelina later revealed that in an addition to messaging Cutler, she had been corresponding with pretty much every dude that Mike would competing with at the cornhole tournament.

The Sitch would understandably not thrilled with his co-star’s attempt at psychological warfare.

“What the hell?!” Mike was heard to remark upon learning of Pivarnick’s bizarre strategy.

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Mike Sorrentino might be in trouble with the law again. The Shore star has reportedly fallen far behind on his court-ordered community service. (Photo via MTV)

“I don’t appreciate Angeliners DMing Jay Cutler,” he added in a confessional.

“This is throwing me off my game a little bit, knowing that one of the other competitors are talking trash.”

Yes, it seems that Angelina’s technique had the opposite of the desired effect, as Cutler’s remark that Mike would be making an “early exit” from the tournament wound up psyching the Situation out.

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Mike Sorrentino has been stirring the pot on Jersey Shore this season. But he swears he’s not to blame! (Photo via Instagram)

“Now I know this person is talking s–t to you, it gets in your head a little bit.”

Now, it seems obvious to us that Angelina’s messaging of Cutler had nothing to do with Mike — especially with how much the Sitch antagonized Pivarnick last season.

But Mike seems to buy his housemate’s explanation.

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Mike and Angelina are enemies at the shore. (Photos via Getty)

“Angelina, what are you doing?! Talking trash with the enemy, it’s a distraction. This is messy, Ange!” he declared later in the episode.

“The way Angelina is doing things is messy as usual,” he said to the camera. “It’s very on brand and I don’t appreciate it. This is the opposite of support.”

Thankfully, some of the Sitch’s castmates understood that Angelina was really setting herself up to be the most popular cornhole groupie at the tournament.

“I’m here for the gangbang,” Pauly joked, referencing the cinematic classic Old School.

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“Who is going to score more in this tournament, Mike or Angelina?” Vinny asked.

Elsewhere in the episode, a random bar patron accused Ange of trying to steal her boyfriend.

This alleged robbery took place while Angelina was still married to Chris Larangeira.

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Angelina has been at the center of a firestorm of drama. (Photo via MTV)

“She tried getting on my boyfriend when she was with Chris,” the woman explained to JWoww.

“Sorry, I don’t like her. Tell Angelina, ‘You wanna stay, get your f—ing ass beat,'”

“My energy is not going to be touched or tarnished by like people that are under my shoe,” Angelina unconvincingly rebutted.

Sounds like we’re in for another season of messy Angeliners drama — and we couldn’t be happier about it!