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When Chris Larangeira accused Angelina Pivarnick of cheating on him during their marriage, no one was really shocked.

What came as a surprise, however, was just how much cheating Angeliners managed to squeeze in.

In addition to the local side-piece with whom Angelina carried on a two-year relationship, there was an international affair involving one of Pivarnick’s co-stars.

No, she didn’t finally jet off to Italy with Vinny Guadagnino …

Angelina is starring in a new competition-based reality show. (Photo via Paramount)

… Instead, Angelina hooked up with Luis “Potro” Caballero, one of her castmates on the new Paramount+ reality show All-Star Shore.

The show pits stars of various Jersey Shore spinoffs against one another in some sort of competition.

Potro is the star of the Mexican version entitled Acapulco Shore.

Luis “Potro” Caballero was one of Angelina’s side-pieces. (Photo via Instagram)

Angelina initially denied sleeping with Potro before being called out by Deena on an episode of Jersey Shore.

All-Star Show was filmed well before that, obviously, but we’re just now getting to the part where Angelina gets all flirty with Potro.

If only Paramount+ had dropped this content sooner, then Deena’s detective work might not have been necessary.

Angelina was very active during her time on All-Star Shore. (Video via YouTube)


“Potro’s cool as f–k. He’s a hot f–king guy,” Angelina says in the clip above.

She also compliments dude’s cooking and flirts with him pretty openly.

Perhaps more surprising than that, however, is the fact that Angelina cast a wide net and flirted not only with Potro, but also with Joey Essex, the star of some Shore-esque series in the UK.

Angelina flirts with Joey on All-Store Shore. (Photo via Paramount+)


“I’m not flirting,” Angelina quipped after very obviously hitting on the confused Brit.

“It’s very confusing why Angelina’s flirting with me,” Joey said in a confessional segment.

“Listen, I’m married but I’m here for a game,” Angelina said, seemingly referencing the fact that the show requires castmates to compete against one another in pairs.

Angelina gets frustrated on Jersey Shore. (Photo via MTV)

“I’m not just saying that like I’m trying to seduce him. Just put it this way. I’m very good at what I do.”

Angelina might have been strategically hitting on Joey, but her attraction to Potro was very real.

For months after she returned from shooting in Spain, Angelina insisted that nothing happened between her and Potro.

Angelina and co-star Potro. (Photo via Paramount+)

“I was very open and honest. I told everybody from the jump what happened,” Angelina told In Touch in June.

“Maybe that bit me in the ass a little bit, because here I am being honest and open,” she added.

“I’m literally gonna set the record straight when this whole thing airs.”

Angelina Pivarnick3
Angelina looks confused on Jersey Shore. (Photo via MTV)

To her credit, we guess Angelina really has set the record straight.

She’s confirmed that she was banging Potro, and now we know she was also flirting with the other contestants.

Of course, all of this only came out after she was caught in the act.

For all her talk about keeping it real, honesty still is not Angelina’s strong suit.