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It very much seems to be the case that, when T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach get together, almost all of their clothes come off.

Starting on Thursday, however?

The gloves are now off when it comes to these GMA3 co-hosts and their feud with executives over at ABC.

(UPDATE: They’ve been fired!)


T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach definitely enjoy each other’s company. You can go ahead and take that any way you want.

Holmes and Robach, of course, have served for years as anchors on the aforementioned Good Morning America spinoff.

In December, however, photo were published by The Daily Mail that depicted the colleagues acting extremely close and comfortable, acting in a way that only lovers act.

Both journalists are married (although Holmes just filed for divorce and reports have indicated that Robach’s marriage to actor Andrew Shue has been effectively over for months as well)… the optics are pretty terrible… and ABC took the pair off the air last month in order to conduct an internal investigation.

The television personalities have been suspended for about six weeks now, with both parties having hired a lawyer.

On Thursday, meanwhile, Page Six confirms that negotiations got underway with ABC to determine whether Holmes and Robach would return to host GMA3; whether one of them would; whether they would move to a different program; or whether they would simply be fired.

“There could be a couple of days of back and forth,” one source told Page Six of this mediation.

Multiple insiders have told this same outlet that ABC is worried about potential leaks, and is looking into who may be running his/her mouths about the scandalous couple at the company, in addition to their Holmes and Robach probe.

Most notably?

More and more information has come out of late about Holmes’ past affairs and indiscretions, many of which were with young staffers at the company.

Entertainment Tonight just reported, for example, that ABC recently learned of a third woman who allegedly had an office romance with Holmes.

The woman, more than a decade younger than Holmes, was also a subordinate, like the two others we previously wrote about.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are pictured here on set. They like to also be in bed together, we hear.

“This third staffer was no secret to most ABC employees, especially those at GMA who worked closely with her during that time,” an insider told ET, adding:

“The question now is, will this latest revelation speed up the investigation and force ABC to decide T.J. and Amy’s fates sooner rather than later?”

All this negative press that Holmes is receiving “is a shot across the bow, a warning sign,” from ABC, Page Six writes.

Meaning what, exactly?

That this mediation may get VERY ugly and that higher-ups may threaten to continually expose Holmes — thereby ruining his career going forward — unless he goes away quietly.

Stay tuned, readers. And buckle up.