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Last week, we learned that Bravo fired Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm. Allegedly, the cause was a pattern of awful behind-the-scenes behavior.

Fans did not know what to think. And even her own castmates did not believe it at first.

Since then, Kathryn confirmed her firing and is making a pivot to OnlyFans.

You know who’s pretty upset about all of this? Madison LeCroy.

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Madison LeCroy discussed her fitness goals for 2023 during an Amazon livestream.

In a recent “New Year Fitness Goals” Amazon live stream, Madison LeCroy weighed in on the sacking of Kathryn Dennis.

“I’m not happy about it, honestly,” the blonde bombshell confessed during the video.

After 8 seasons, it’s a huge adjustment for viewers and for the show. But for Madison, it’s more personal.

Despite her obvious misgivings about this development, Madison is hopeful for the future.

She would like to think that Kathryn will “surprise” viewers one day with a Bravo comeback.

It’s possible. Especially if the rumors about her mistreating production staffers aren’t the reason for her exit. If they are … well, it’s still possible, but less likely.

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Madison says that she is not the only one on the cast who is not happy at this news.

“I think a lot of us are really sad,” she speculated.

Additionally, Madison wonders how things could go on without someone as central and dramatic as Kathryn.

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Kathryn Dennis smirks in this scene from the Bravo hit Southern Charm.

“I’m not really convinced,” Madison continued during the Amazon livestream.

“I mean, do we have a show without her?” she asked.

Despite still being on the cast of the aforementioned show, Madison declared that the answer is “No.”

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Madison is the first to admit that her primary concerns about this are that she’ll no longer be filming with this particular friend.

“She was my buddy,” she noted, “so I am not thrilled about it.”

Madison then continued: “But like I said, I don’t know.”

Kathryn Dennis is Off the Wagon
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis mocks worried friends and castmates after she returns to drinking.

“We’re in the very early stages of all this,” Madison suggested.

“So,” she asked, “who’s to say she won’t come back.”

It is possible. But almost guaranteed to not happen in this upcoming season. Kathryn even confirmed her departure, as we reported.

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In practically the same breath in which she said that they don’t have a show without Kathryn, Madison switched gears.

She promised fans that she, specifically, will be “back full throttle” in Season 9.

As many noted, Madison had pulled back a little while in a new relationship.

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Madison LeCroy is married! Here she is with handsome husband Brett Randle.

“I’m going to show you guys what I’ve been doing,” Madison assured her fans.

She plans to open up on camera about “what’s going on with me, where I’m at in my life.”

“So,” Madison continued, “that will be really fun and interesting to do.”

Madison and Kathryn came onto Southern Charm in different ways and in different places in life.

However, the two bonded over something that they had in common — they were the only two moms on the cast.

Well, among the main cast. The ones who attend the Reunions. We can all agree that Patricia Altschul is at a different stage when it comes to motherhood. Still, Madison has other castmates. The show will go on. Probably.