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If you’re at all familiar with the Duggar family, you know that these people are downright obsessed with procreation.

Jim Bob raised his children to believe that they were put on earth for two reasons: to praise Jesus, and to make babies.

The women in the Duggars’ community are told from an early age that the best way for them to show their gratitude to God is to populate the planet with evangelicals.

So we suppose it’s not surprising that popping out little ones has become something of a competition among some of the more pious ladies in the Duggars’ inner circle.

Kendra and Christina Caldwell
Kendra and Christina Caldwell are rumored to be in a baby race. (Photo via Instagram)

Take, for example, the strange case of Kendra and Christina Caldwell.

Kendra, as you’re likely aware, is the wife of Joseph Duggar.

Her mother, Christina, is a grandmother several times over at the ripe old age of 43.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar Baby
Kendra and Joseph Duggar now have three kids.. Say hello to their daughter, Brooklyn!

Christina has birthed two children in the years since Kendra married Joe.

Kendra has welcomed three kids during the same timespan, and fans often joke that mother and daughter are competing to see who can raise the largest family.

But according to a new report from YouTuber Katie Joy, there might be some truth behind those jokes.

Kendra Duggar and In-Laws
Anyone else see a baby bump here? Some folks out there think Kendra Duggar is pregnant again.

“For women, their uterus and fertility are a sign that God loves them more. Women frequently desire to out do one another and even compete with their daughters.” Joy wrote on her Instagram page earlier this week.

“For years, fans have looked at Christina Caldwell’s pregnancy announcements after Kendra became pregnant with a side eye,” she continued.

“Christina already had seven children, was in her 40’s, she and Paul struggled financially, and yet she became pregnant twice during Kendra’s pregnancies.”

Kendra on Instagram
Kendra Caldwell has quickly become one of the most beloved members of the Duggar family. And it seems she accomplished this feat without even trying.

Insiders close to the situation seem to confirm Joy’s suspicion that Kendra and Christina see it as their sacred duty to birth as many children as humanly possible.

“They are obsessed with being pregnant,” onw source said of the women in the Institute for Basic Life Principles, the notoriously shady organization that dictates many of the Duggars’ beliefs.

“Especially with getting pregnant at the same time as their oldest daughters.”

Kendra & Joseph Duggar Family Pic Featuring Baby Bump!
Kendra and Joseph Duggar shared this adorable family photo featuring, yep, Kendra’s baby bump! The couple announced revealed they’re having a girl shortly after this pic was posted. (Photo via Instagram)

Of course, Kendra and Christina would never confirm that they’re in competition with one another.

In fact, they may not be aware of it themselves.

But the fact that Christina has kids that are younger than her oldest grandchild is just one of the many recent signs that the weirdness in the Duggars’ community goes well beyond the famous family themselves.