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As you’ve likely heard by now, Jinger Duggar’s memoir is set to hit stores at the end of this month.

The book is likely to infuriate several members of Jinger’s controversial family, and she’s been giving them little appetizer portions of outrage via scathing promotional interviews.

Already, Jinger has spoken out against Josh Duggar and the culture of abuse that enabled him to get away with so much for so long.

And the book will reportedly delve into the toxicity of the Duggars’ religious beliefs, as well as her personal fight for freedom.

Jinger Duggar is preparing to release a new memoir. And fans are anxious to see how her family will react. (Photo via Instagram)

Insiders say Jinger is braced for the possibility that her parents will disown her a second time.

And while their reaction might not go quite that far, Jinger is no doubt on the receiving end of a lot of rage from her own family right now.

Fortunately, she also has a handful of supporters within the Duggar clan.

Jinger Duggar smiles very broadly in this sweet photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

Two of these relatives voiced their support on Jinger’s Instagram page earlier this week.


Amy also broke free from her ultra-conservative upbringing and now enjoys a much more modern life.

Amy rings in 2023 with a festive selfie. (Photo via Instgram)

And she’s not the only Duggar woman who liberated herself from the ultra-patriarchal culture in which she was raised.

“Proud of you (and Jer as I’m sure you continue to support each other) as you have processed so much I’m sure and yet continued to cling to each other and Jesus!” Jill wrote in the comments section.

“Walking ‘the straight and narrow’ as God leads you is harder than walking completely one way or another!”

Jill Duggar with Coffee
Jill Duggar ponders a sip of this hot coffee in this photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

“Love you! Praying continued peace and strength for y’all!”

Jill cut ties with her parents back in 2020, so it comes as no surprise that she supports her rebellious sister.

But it’s still surprising that Jill is willing to express that support publicly, given the levels of intimidation and repression that she’s faced over the years.

Jinger is speaking her mind like never before these days. And her parents might not like what she has to say. (Photo via Instagram)

In the years since she fled Arkansas with husband Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger has had very little to say about her relationship — or lack thereof — with her family back home.

“Certain people are more supportive than others,” she confessed during an interview with Us Weekly in 2021.

“I think it ebbs and flows with a family of that size. Every family has drama and so when you’ve got that many more people giving opinions or whatever, it can get crazy.”

Jinger Duggar Laughs on Sunday
Counting On alum Jinger Duggar shows her bare arms while gazing lovingly at her husband, who shared this photo. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, Jinger is preparing to break her silence and speak candidly about her family for possibly the first time.

It’s no wonder that most of the Duggars are preemptively outraged.

But fortunately, Jinger can always count on the support of a handful of fellow rebels.