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Catelynn Lowell has been attracting a lot of negative attention lately.

Last week, Catelynn was criticized for revealing to her Teen Mom: Family Reunion castmates that Ashley Jones was pregnant.

(To be fair, Jones was in a brawl with Brianna DeJesus at the time, and Cate’s disclosure was made out of concern for her friend’s safety.)

Now, Cate finds herself at the center of a different Family Reunion-related controversy, this one, appropriately enough, involving her family.

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Looking great, Catelynn! Tyler shared this lovely photo of his wife on Instagram in late 2021. (Photo via Instagram)

This season of TMFR focused on the cast members’ relationships with their mothers, and viewers agreed that Cate’s scenes with her mom April were among the most troubling.

April was portrayed as an alcoholic who was frequently drunk on camera.

But now, Catelynn’s half-sister, Sara Haviland, has pushed back against that depiction with a series of TikToks in which she accuses Cate and MTV of lying about the severity of April’s issues.


“MTV shows what will give them viewers and clearly it works but you can’t judge someone from 14 years ago,” Sarah wrote on TikTok, as first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“The only time my sister talks to my mom is to babysit her kids which is often lol.

“I don’t care what any one of you want to say I will ALWAYS stick up for my mother. MTV portrays her as s–t ALL the time for [their] own views,” she continued.

Catelynn Lowell laughs during an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

“Take it how you want. If Cate wants to portray her so bad why does my mom always [watch] her kids, because clearly she’s not a s–t person like MTV portrays her to be.”

From there, Sara lashed out at Teen Mom viewers who have been critical of her mother.

“I am sick of you guys talking crap about my mom,” she said.

Catelynn Lowell on Finale
Catelynn Lowell is seen here on the final episode of Teen Mom OG in the year 2021. She looks good. (Photo via MTV)

“You guys wanna say she has an addiction and she’s a drunk and an alcoholic and you guys want to message her and dog on her. That s–t’s not cool and you guys don’t know anything…

“I will go into depth because I don’t have a contract with MTV and I’m sick of you guys dogging on my mom. And I’m sick of Catelynn dogging on my mom…” Sara continued.

“She does not drink all the time, maybe once every two weeks.”

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April and Sarah pose for a selfie. (Photo via Instagram)

“And yeah, she is going to drink when MTV is around because MTV makes her out to be the bad guy all the time…my mom’s not a piece of s–t,” Sarah explained.

“She was afraid that Tyler was going to leave her, so what was the real reason that Catelynn gave Carly up? Hmm.

“Catelynn had all this traumatizing PTSD and all this s–t growing up, OK? Well me and Catelynn are not that far apart.

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Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell shows off her purple hair while unfortunately revealing a disgusting habit.

From there, Sarah accused Cate of lying about her trauma:

“We’re four years apart, so if she has all this trauma from her childhood, wouldn’t I have that trauma?” she said. “Because I sure as hell don’t have that trauma that Catelynn has. It’s all for the show!”

Obviously, Sarah is sounding off about some issues she doesn’t fully understand here.

Someone who only drinks “every couple of weeks” can still be an alcoholic, and two people can live through the exact same event with only one of them being traumatized by the experience.

Fortunately, Cate was quick to set the record straight with a marathon Instagram Live session in which she dismantled all of her sister’s arguments.

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What a nice looking family. We’ve always been very big fans of Catelynn and Tyler, you know? (Photo via Instagram)

“I have a sister named Sarah, she went on TikTok yesterday and posted a video saying many things, saying that everybody doesn’t know my truth…that my PTSD and my trauma are all lies, she basically disregarded me having PTSD and trauma…saying like, ‘We were only four years different, and if Catelynn has all this trauma, why don’t I have any trauma?’” Cate began.

“The bitch don’t know she has trauma, because she’s never worked on her s–t,” she continued.

“She can’t keep a job. She’ll work for a day or a week and then quit. She definitely has some trauma, she just doesn’t know what it is. She has no clue what the f–k it is she’s dealing with but she has it.”

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Lowell went on to explain that she helped Sarah out many times over the years, including one occasion in which she bought her sister a trailer to live in after April kicked her out.

“She tries to act like everything is fake. She even said something like, ‘The reason Catelynn placed her daughter for adoption was she was afraid Tyler was going to leave her.’ That’s not accurate at all,” Catelynn continued.

“I wasn’t forced to do the adoption. I made the f–king decision my damn self! Nobody forced me to do it.

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Catelynn and Tyler have been through some hard times. (Photo via Instagram)

“I do have PTSD and panic disorder and I know this because I was diagnosed by top-notch psychiatrists and psychologist,” she continued.

Cate’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, also lashed out at Sarah.

“The audacity of some of my in-laws is astounding (however not surprising unfortunately). ..I wish I could say that I’m in shock…but I’d be lying,” Tyler wrote in a comment left on one of Catelynn’s posts.

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra pose for a cute photo together on their 15th anniversary. (Photo via Instagram)

“My wife has literally done NOTHING to deserve any of the heartless, cruel & vulgar comments that her siblings have made about her (both publicly & personally) and to be honest I don’t even really get mad anymore when this stuff happens (since I’m so used to her family treating her this way),” he continued.

“I just get sad for her.”

Sarah has yet to respond to Tyler and Cate’s rebuttals — but something tells us this feud is far from over!