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A new season of Teen Mom Family Reunion is upon us, and with it come the usual complaints of franchise overkill.

It’s not surprising, of course, as 16 and Pregnant launched way back in 2009, and at this point, it’s launched more spinoffs than Star Wars.

Viewers complain that the show is not as dramatic as it used to be and that they can’t relate to the problems of a bunch of rich reality stars.

But nothing breathes new life into a long-running series quite like a savage brawl — especially when one of the combatants is pregnant!

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Yes, Tuesday’s episode of Family Reunion featured a knock-down-drag-out fight between longtime rivals Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones.

The scene got so nasty that even the ladies’ moms got involved.

To her credit, Briana didn’t know that Ashley was pregnant at the time of the altercation.

Catelynn Lowell did have that information, but she was at a safe distance at the time of the fight.

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Looking great, Catelynn! Tyler shared this lovely photo of his wife on Instagram in late 2021. (Photo via Instagram)

While sitting outside waiting for the melee to end, Cate told some of her co-stars about Ashley’s pregnancy.

Now, she’s being roasted on Reddit for violating her friend’s privacy.

To be fair, Cate found herself in a pretty tricky situation, and now she’s defending her actions with a very lengthy Twitter tirade.

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“At the time of this whole altercation between Ashley & Briana, there were only 2 of us girls who knew Ashley was pregnant,” Lowell wrote.

“I was outside when the actual physical part of the fight happened but I told Ashley (after all the yelling incident at dinner) that she doesn’t need this stress, drama, etc. because it’s not good for her & the baby!” Cate continued.

“It was AFTER I knew about the physical attacks & risks, that I decided to let Jade know about Ashley being pregnant so that way everyone would at least know! Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!”

Catelynn Lowell on Finale
Catelynn Lowell is seen here on the final episode of Teen Mom OG in the year 2021. She looks good. (Photo via MTV)

Catelynn went on to acknowledge that she may not have made the right call, but she noted that it was a snap decision made with friend’s best interests at heart.

“Was it right of me to tell Jade about Ashley being pregnant? No! … But honestly, I never thought Ashley would ever get physical & take that kind of risk with someone knowing she’s pregnant!” she noted.

“If I were ever trying to fight some girl, I’d want to know if she’s pregnant or not! Or if I had a friend I knew who was hiding a pregnancy & she didn’t have control of her emotions & was about to get into a physical altercation with someone, you best believe I’d be running up there screaming at everyone involved:

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“‘She’s pregnant! Don’t touch her!’ so I could try & lessen the risk of something dangerous happening to her & her baby!”

Cate concluded by noting that she “will ALWAYS put safety over loyalty when it comes to prioritizing what’s more important and I won’t ever be sorry for it!”

Catelynn might be guilty of failing to keep her friend’s secret, but it seems that her heart was genuinely in the right place.

Catelynn Lowell laughs during an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

Hopefully, that’ll be enough to earn her the forgiveness of Family Reunion viewers.

And hey, if nothing else, at least the show is interesting again!