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In a trailer for the upcoming Sister Wives Season 17 tell-all, Janelle Brown says out loud for the first time in public that she’s separated from Kody Brown.

“We’ve been separated for several months,” the mother of six specifically tells host Sukanya Krishnan, a development Kody himself later confirms as well.

But while the end of this relationship has captured most of the headlines ever since the aforementioned trailer went online, it’s the possible new beginning of an old relationship teased by Kody that really has some folks buzzing.

Meaning what, exactly?

Meaning Kody says in this preview that he’s at least given some thought to getting back together with first wife Meri!

“[I was] in this place where I might reconcile with Meri,” Kody simply says at one point, later stating that it never happened because “Christine lost her s— that day.”

For the record, we have no idea when this alleged day occurred.

Neither does Meri, who tells Krishnan “I don’t know what you’re talking about” when she broaches the topic of Kody’s former, temporary change of heart.

Meri and Kody got legally married in 1990, but then got divorced in 2014 so that Kody could exchange vows instead with Robyn and officially adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

In 2015, Meri tried to get back into dating, only to become the victim of an unfortunate catfishing scandal.

Kody has since claimed that Meri had an affair, due to this incident, and has emphasized time and again that he has no intention of making their relationship romantic ever again.

The former spouses haven’t slept together in 10 years.

Meri Brown posted this sort of intense selfie to her Instagram page in September of 2022.

In this same trailer for this same reunion special, meanwhile, Robyn alleges that Kody would have reconciled with Meri… but Christine got in the way.

“When Kody says and thinks that type of stuff, it usually happens,” Robyn explains on air, claiming that Meri and Kody would be a full-on couple again right now if Christine didn’t “object” to it.

Reacting to the claims that she opposed the idea, Christine, though, says that it’s all “a lie” and adds to the host:

“That’s not me. I would never do that.”

This past season on Sister Wives, Kody has reacted in extreme frustration and anger to Christine’s decision to leave him, prompting a bitter reaction from Meri.

“Obviously, you don’t care enough to fight for her. Obviously, you don’t care enough to fight for me,” Meri said at one point in a solo interview, speaking directly to Kody.

“And I don’t understand that.”

While speaking to Robyn about the state of their plural family, Meri told Robyn back then that Kody’s split from Christine felt “familiar” to her.

“And I’ve seen Kody give up on me and him,” she added.

Presumably in response to Meri’s remarks, Kody told cameras in his own confessional:

“I didn’t give up on Meri. It just turned out the relationship was essentially unstable.

“I just didn’t feel like it was tenable. It’s not a functional relationship. And we can get along, but we can’t be together.”

Meri, for her part, has often said she has no regrets about remaining a loveless spiritual marriage.

Meri Brown looks anything but pleased in this photo of the star from Sister Wives Season 17.

“When I married Kody, it wasn’t just because I loved him,” she said on Season 17.

“I felt like that I had a confirmation from God that I was supposed to be married to Kody.

“And I still feel like that.”