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Jenelle Evans is no one’s idea of a perfect mom.

In fact, there was a time, not all that long ago, when she was deemed an unfit mother and had her children removed from her home by government authorities.

That news didn’t come as much of a surprise to longtime Teen Mom 2 viewers, as hundreds of hours of Jenelle’s shoddy parenting have been captured by MTV camera crews.

These days, Jenelle has regained custody of most of her kids, but her eldest son Jace continues to live with his grandmother.

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Jenelle Evans cradles son Jace in this photo. She does not have custody of the boy. (Photo via Instagram)

And as fans revisit old episodes of TM2 — which are now airing on Netflix — many say that they’ve been reminded of why that living arrangement is probably for the best.

As Jenelle’s first child, Jace has borne witness to many of her worst decisions and most destructive relationships.

Earlier this week, one scene involving Jenelle and a very young Jace resurfaced on TikTok.

The clip was filmed during a fight between Jenelle and her then-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle cried and carried on in the front seat, involving her son in her relationship drama to a bizarre degree.

Jace — demonstrating once again that he’s far more mature than the people who raised him — attempted to introduce some tranquility to the situation, first by talking his mom down, and then by singing a song.

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Jenelle Evans tried to involve her son in the family grift by assisting him with his own TikTok page. Unfortunately, we have child labor laws in this country. (Photo via TikTok

“He was trying to soothe both of us. He’s such a sweet boy, and still is,” Evans commented on the clip.

As you may have guessed, many others who viewed the footage didn’t take such a kind view of Jenelle’s behavior.

Many were upset by the ways in which Jenelle ignored her efforts to calm her down.

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Jenelle and Jace spend a lot of time in the car. (Photo via Instagram)

“This is so sad. Jace really has had to be her parent,” one commenter wrote according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Jace is such a sweetheart. The way she’s so self centered and ignores him comforting her is sad af. Too worried with her phone and drama,” another wrote.

“Damn, ‘The Rainbow Song’ gets me very damn time. How could that woman not even acknowledge Jace singing to her? Evil, self-absorbed, violent b-tch she is. I wish her nothing but misery,” a third chimed in.

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Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media. (Photo via Instagram)

“This is so sad to watch. I just rewatched this episode about a week or two ago and poor Jace. Smh,” a fourth wrote.

Many commenters felt that the scene was indicative of Jenelle’s biggest shortcomings as a parent, as it highlighted her narcissism and self-obsession.

“That b-tch has spent her whole life chasing men when she had this beautiful little boy waiting on her to love him like he deserved to be loved,” wrote one such commenter.

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Jenelle Evans posed for a photo with her oldest child, Jace. (Photo via Instagram)

“There’s no excuse for parents like her. These scenes always break me. Even before I was a mother, but especially after.”

“Yeah, this whole scene gets me. He’s such a kind kid desperately trying to console his mom and trying to get an ounce of love and respect, just once. And she can’t muster up anything, beyond her own selfishness,” another remarked.

Needless to say, Jenelle probably won’t take any of this criticism to heart or engage in any self-reflection.

But it’s still a good thing that people are reminding her of the areas in which she desperately needs to improve.