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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans turned 31 this week.

Obviously, Jenelle is no longer a teen, but she’s still living the mom life, having regained custody of two of her three children.

Plus, after years of financial difficulty, Jenelle joined OnlyFans over the summer, and she claims to be making more money than she ever did during her MTV days.

So this should have been a very happy birthday for Jenelle — but it seems that her domestic situation took a turn for the worse right before the big day.

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Jenelle Evans and David Evans have remained together through thick, thin and abuse allegations.

Jenelle’s birthday eve seemed to get off to a decent start.

She and David headed out for wings and beer, and she chronicled the celebration in her Instagram Stories.

But apparently, things took a turn for the worse once these two got a little tipsy.

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Jenelle’s 31st birthday was a dramatic one. (Photo via Instagram)

Jenelle deleted the restaurant pics from her page and replaced them with the news that her husband had up and vanished.

“Tell me where @Easondavid88 is because it’s my birthday at midnight and he’s gone,” she wrote.

Around the same time, David shared a passive-aggressive Facebook post that seemed to confirm that the two of them had quarreled.

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Did David Eason throw some shade at his wife here? (Photo via Facebook)

“She just posted on IG that she doesn’t know where he is and it’s her bday at midnight,” one observer wrote on Reddit, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Well that escalated quickly…” another commented.

From there, things seemed to get worse.

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Jenelle then took to Instagram to complain about the “narcissist” who ruined her birthday, and fans naturally assumed she was talking about David.

(Some fans complained that Jenelle still feels the need to specify that Maryssa is not her kid, even after several years of being the girl’s stepmom — but that’s a conversation for another time.)

As though to confirm that she was on her own, Jenelle posted the photo below of herself and the kids in a hot tub.

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Jenelle’s birthday started out as a David-less affair. (Photo via Instagram)

But just when it seemed that yet another Jenelle-David breakup was upon us, the situation turned around.

Jenelle shared a photo of herself sporting an Apple Watch (with a photo of herself as the background, of course), and the caption seemed to indicate that it was a gift from David.

“In the matter of hours the script can flip,” Evans captioned the post.

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“Dude forgot to buy her a gift and had to go to Walgreens to get an apple watch,” one commenter theorized.

Others noted that Jenelle does not appear to be wearing a wedding ring in the photo.

Already, Evans has taken to Instagram to complain about the “rumors” surrounding her marriage, but as many have pointed out, she’s the one who put all this information out there.

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Jenelle and David posing for a selfie in happier times. (Photo via TikTok)

Someone should tell Jenelle that she’s no longer a reality star, which means she’s not getting paid to air her dirty laundry, which means she should keep her private life private if that’s what she prefers!

But drama can be as tough to break as drug addiction.

And David and Jenelle seem to have very addictive personalities.