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Throughout Britney Spears’ conservatorship, fans closely monitored the pop icon’s Instagram page for signs of suspicious activity.

Many were accused of being paranoid, but their suspicions were validated when Britney later revealed that her posts were monitored and censored by the people who controlled her life.

So when many of those same fans started to pick up on some unusual posts on Spears’ page over the past week, they were quick to sound the alarm.

And as TMZ reports, this time, their warnings were taken seriously.

Here is an example of what Britney Spears often poses on Instagram. She loves to show off her dance moves! (Photo via Instagram)

In fact, on Twitter and elsewhere, a rumor began to circulate that Britney was in some sort of danger.

Some even went so far as to suggest that the unthinkable had happened.

So before we go any further, allow us to assure you that Britney is alive and well.

Britney Spears in April 2022
Britney Spears is all smiles in this photo. She shared it to Instagram in April 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

But it’s not hard to see how fans might have gotten the wrong idea.

The trouble began when Britney’s followers noticed that old content had been reposted on her page.

During her conservatorship, similar tactics were employed to create the impression that all was well during times when Britney was institutionalized against her will, or otherwise unwell.

Britney Spears, Post-Dance
Britney Spears is pretty tired and sweaty here after doing a dance on Instagram for her followers. (Photo via Instagram)

Many noticed that Britney went from posting nudes to posting much more family-friendly content, just as she did during her conservatorship.

Suspicions were further raised when Britney praised Jamie Lynn Sears, despite the fact the fact that the sisters had been feuding for years.

Shortly thereafter, Brit announced that she was taking a trip to New York City, yet she never posted any pics from the trip.

Britney Spears on Her Instagram Page
Britney Spears is front and center in this photo. She uploaded it to her Instagram page in October 2021. (Photo via Instagram)

Furthermore, there were no paparazzi photos from Spears’ East Coast vacation.

The suspicion turned to concern when Britney’s parents traveled to Los Angeles this week, with many speculating that Jamie and Lynn has rushed to their daughter’s home due to an emergency.

Fortunately, TMZ has arrived at the conclusion that Britney is perfectly healthy — she just needed a break.

Brit Spears Pic
Britney Spears looks like she’s losin’ her ish in this Instagram pic. (Photo via Instagram)

Sources tell the outlet that Britney is currently in Mexico, and she only made the NYC announcement to throw the paps off her trail!

And it seems she has posted new content over the course of the past week, which should be enough to put her fans’ minds at ease.

There’s still no explanation for the old content, or the parents’ trip to Los Angeles, but the important thing is that Britney is alive and well.

And hopefully, she’s enjoying a well-deserved vacation south of the border!