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Jana Duggar was raised to believe that women are put on earth to marry and make babies.

She grew up in a world where only men worked outside the home and built careers, and she watched as several of her sisters married young and started families before they were out of their teens.

Despite these circumstances, Jana has chosen not to marry or settle into the life of a mother and housewife.

Unfortunately, her options as a single woman are severely limited because of that whole “not being allowed to enter the workforce” thing.

jana d pic
Jana Duggar looks like she’s fed up with the rumors. (Photo via TLC)

If Jana were to seek out conventional employment, she would risk angering her parents, who control the family finances.

She lives with Jim Bob and Michelle, and it seems that they provide her with some sort of allowance, and if Jana were to rebel against their beliefs, she might find herself fighting a losing battle.

Fortunately, it seems that the 32-year-old has figured out a compromise that allows her to enjoy a modicum of independence without defying her parents’ ideas about the role young women should play in society.

Jana Wears Pants in Las Vegas
Jana Duggar’s latest photos have left fans shocked. The former reality star is wearing pants! (Photo via Instagram)

As far as we can tell, most of Jana’s time is spent caring for her younger siblings who still live at home.

There are five who are under the age of 18, and all of them are homeschooled.

The gig led to some legal issues last year, when one of the children under Jana’s care wandered off and had to be brought home by the police.

Jana Duggar Voted!
Jana Duggar brags about something worth bragging about here: She voted! (Photo via Instagram)

“It all happened so quickly and was scary. I am grateful for law enforcement and those who protect and serve our community,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“In the end, I was just upset at myself that it had happened at all but so thankful it all ended safely and that’s truly what mattered the most to me.”

Jana pled guilty to child endangerment, but everyone involved seemed to agree that it was an honest mistake, and her parents continue to entrust her with the care of their youngest children.

Jana Duggar Goes Blonde
Counting On alum Jana Duggar got frosted tips and wore a flattering dress in this photo. (Photo via Instagram)

So Jana’s days are rather full — especially since she uses what little free time she has to pursue her business interests.

Jana has not updated her Instagram page in almost a year, but until recently, her bio listed her profession as “home remodeler.”

It’s unclear what sort of projects Jana has worked on, but it seems that she’s been reasonably well-compensated for her efforts.

Jana Duggar on Counting On (TLC)
The lovely Jana Duggar on Counting On (TLC) in 2020.

According to a recent report from In Touch, Jana’s net worth is in the $400,000 range.

The last time the Duggars directly commented on Jana’s career ambitions was in 2015, when she and twin brother John David turned 25.

“John just finished up his pilot’s license and is staying busy with construction and police work,” the family wrote at the time.

Jana Duggar on TLC's Counting On
Jana Duggar addresses the camera here during a scene from the TLC series Counting On.

“Jana is a concert pianist and is involved in many ministries. We are so blessed to have such wonderful daughters and sons! Happy 25th, Jana and John!”

Fans were quick to push back, noting that Jana has likely received very little in the way of formal training, and that playing piano at church does not make one a “concert pianist.”

“As a trained musician myself I would like to know where Jana has studied music, and what degrees (if any) she holds,” one commenter wrote.

Jana Duggar with Flowers
Jana Duggar is surrounded here by flowers. What a lovely snapshot of the reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’m sure that she is a fine pianist, but playing at the local church … does not make one a concert pianist. Duggars… let’s be honest and not try to make the kids into things they are not.”

“Concert pianist?” wrote another. “Let them go be free. 25 is no age to share a room with toddlers. Stop stunting their lives.”

So yeah, even before the most recent Duggar scandals, Jana had ample reason to keep a low profile with regard to her career goals.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt
Jana Duggar of Counting On fame tends to her garden. At least Jim Bob allows her that much. (Photo via Instagram)

No doubt she’s been severely limited by her parents’ backward belief system, but fans continue to hope that Jana has been able to enjoy a modicum of independence in her adulthood.

It would be wonderful to see her leave the nest and really set out on her own, but it seems increasingly unlikely that that will ever happen!