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We’ve heard Christine Brown say it before.

We’ve even heard Kody Brown admit it himself before.

But now we’ve heard Gabriel Brown say it as well, providing some rather ample evidence to prove the point that seems impossible to argue with at this point:

Kody is an awful father.

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On Sunday night’s brand new episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown’s 21-year old son broke completely down while recounting a phone conversation he had with his dad about 13 months ago.

Kody, you see, had just come down with COVID at the time and he called Gabriel because his child had had the virus back in January 2021.

“In January, I got Covid. I didn’t even have a fever, I just lost my smell. October rolls around, specifically October 11, my birthday, and Dad calls me,” Gabriel explained on air to viewers via a confessional.

“And we have a small discussion about how bad my Covid was.”

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Kody Brown does more of his trademark ranting on Sister Wives.

Fair enough so far. Go on Gabriel…

“I shouldn’t have done this but I did anyway — I didn’t remind him that it was my birthday because I wanted to see if he remembered,” the reality star continued.

“And he didn’t. And so to him it was just a phone call, just asking me about Covid.”

At this point on the episode, Gabriel had to stop to collect himself because he simply broke down over the memory of his dad forgetting his birthday.

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Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

“It was a lot worse than just a phone call for me,” Gabriel went on, beginning to sob.

“But, yeah, a couple hours after that, he tried to call me back, tell me Happy Birthday and make up for it and that’s the last time I ever talked to my dad.”

Wow, huh?

As it turns out, Christine Brown appeared on a podcast Friday and said she had no choice but to leave Kody last November due to the negative affect he was having on their kids.

“They’d see what it was like for other kids and how he was amazing and he wasn’t with them. And they were awkward around him and nervous,” Christine said on this podcast of how Kody treated Robyn’s kids different than anyone else’s.

We’re guessing Gabriel would agree with that statement.

In the end, the Sister Wives star says that walking away from Kody would be the only way to ensure a healthy environment for her children.

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Wrote the star as a caption to this photo: Some days I am just in the car running errands all day!! Literally “drives” me crazy! #toomanyerrands #beforeitsnows #snowiscoming #driving #drivingallday.

“It’s tough. Because all I want for my kids is to have a relationship with their dad. Are you kidding me? I don’t want my kids to have daddy issues. That’s super super sad,” Christine admitted on Friday, adding overall:

“If he’d been an awesome dad, I would still be there. If he was an awesome dad to my kids, if they knew he loved them, if he wanted to spend time with them, I’d stay.

“But it just wasn’t there.”