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Amy Roloff wishes things were different.

On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, the mother of four was faced with what used to be her favorite time of year:

Pumpkin season.

Back in the day, of course, Amy co-owned Roloff Farms in Oregon and these few weeks marked the property’s busiest time of the year.

Nearly all family members would swing by and help out and meet patrons and it was an enjoyable, prosperous time to bond.

But then Amy sold her portion of the farm to ex-husband Matt and moved away.

And then Matt tried to sell 16 acres to someone outside of the Roloffs.

And then sons Zach and Jeremy both got really angry at how their father handled this potential deal and a serious rift has existed ever since… putting quite a damper on the aforementioned season.

Amy Roloff is a mess in this photo of the Little People, Big World star. We hope she hangs in there!

“I’ll admit, it’s not like I am 100 percent jumping up and down for joy because I still think I have some personal emotions and thoughts behind, you know, the farm, and what has gone down and everything,” Amy said on Tuesday night’s new episode of Little People, Big World.

As cited above, the farm has driven a personal wedge between Matt and his children after the former allegedly snubbed his kids when trying to make his sale.

He has since struggled to find a buyer and is now hoping to turn a portion of the farm into a long-term rental.

Despite this feud, Amy was planning to play a role in pumpkin season in 2022.

amy vs. matt roloff

“The farm will always be Roloff Farms,” she told the camera, adding on air:

“The Roloffs grew up there.

“But there’s a part of me that can definitely understand and see why not all the kids would be there because they don’t consider it their farm anymore. Maybe in time that will change depending on what happens to this farm, but I think at this very second it’s Matt’s farm.

“It’s their dad’s farm, and it’s sad.”

Amy previously said she wishes her ex had taken the higher road amid growing unease between himself and his kids.

Yes, they are grown now.

But he’s still the parent, you know?

“I don’t care how old your kids are, sometimes there are things they may need to learn,” she said back in June.

Matt, meanwhile, spoke to Entertainment Tonight in October and was asked for the state of his relationship with his children.

“It’s just unfortunate the way things went down, but I think a lot of the siblings have kinda had enough of it and separated, which is totally sad and it’s unfortunate,” he replied.

“In my opinion, we should be enjoying the time with the grandkids and enjoying this season of life as a family, lots of cousins, but we’re all kind of separated.

“It is what it is, though.”