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Little People, Big World fans don’t have to be told that the Roloff family feud just plain sucks.

It sucks for Matt, who seems to have taken on the villain role. It sucks for his kids, especially Zach and his wife Tori. The fallout from it sucks for the grandkids.

Amy knows all of those involved about as well as any person conceivably could, and is publicly weighing in.

She wishes that her ex-husband were handling this better … but she knows that it’s out of her hands.

Amy Roloff weighs in on Roloff rift

Amy Roloff had an extensive conversation with Us Weekly about the farm feud.

“I don’t know a lot of the details of the negotiation that went on between Zach and Matt,” she freely admitted.

All that she knows for sure is that she’s not thrilled with how the results are playing out.

Matt Roloff on His Farm

“Matt is still the father, still ‘the adult,’" Amy pointed out.

"I don’t care how old your kids are," she reasoned, "sometimes there are things they may need to learn."

"But," Amy continued, "you know as an adult, as a father, you may have to take the higher road.”

Amy expressed that it is "sad that it’s come to this."

She does recognize that her ex-husband can be "grinding."

Infamously, their conflicting personal styles and personalities were a major contributor to their divorce, perhaps even more so than Caryn.

Amy Roloff in May 2022

"Parts of me are not exactly surprised," Amy admitted.

She explained that this is "because I’ve dealt with Matt over the years."

"And," Amy characterized, "he can be tough."

Zach Roloff Looks Sullen

Like the rest of the family and all of their viewers, she is aware that the children have spent their lives being told that the farm will remain part of the family legacy.

Now, a massive chunk of the farm is being sold.

Ultimately, she hopes that something good can rise from the ashes of this bitter conflict.

Matt Roloff Interview Pic

“Change happens," Amy acknowledged.

"It’s not always happy," she understated.

"But eventually," Amy expressed, "maybe this will be a step where we can all move forward and see how we can come back together."

That is easier said than done, and Amy knows that.

Everyone involved would need to not only talk things out, but forgive each other, if they’re going to move forward.

That’s not just Matt and Zach. It especially includes Jeremy and Audrey, who have coveted Roloff Farms for many years.

Matt and Zach Roloff on Air

Amy understands — perhaps better than Matt does — why there are so many hurt feelings that will not easily go away.

“We’ve heard over time this was going to be part of the family," she acknowledged.

Amy recalled hearing countless times that "this was going to be the legacy."

Matt Roloff on Tractor

"And now to see the end result with a ‘for sale’ sign,” Amy went on.

That must have been crushing for all of them.

This Roloff rift will not go away on its own, but even if fences end up being mended, Matt’s choice has forever shaped the destiny of the family.