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Earlier this month, the official Yellowstone Instagram page attempted to promote Season 5 of this Paramount drama by paying tribute to Cole Hauser’s Rip, most likely the show’s most beloved character.

“Celebrating Rip Wheeler today and always,” the caption read to this post read, continuing as follows:

“PS: Get ready, #YellowstoneTV fans. Something big is coming.”

That was all the account needed to state in order to get folks buzzing — in a very fearful sense of the term.

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Fans immediately flocked to the comments section of this tribute, sharing their disdain for the caption and speculating that there might be trouble for Rip and Beth on upcoming Yellowstone episodes.

“Idc what happens in this next season just DO NOT take Rip away from Beth!” one person wrote.

Another added:

“‘Something big is coming’ hmm, spoiler. Way to ruin it, he’s probably gonna die.”

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A third person, meanwhile, said that without Beth or Rip, he/she would see “no point in watching” the program.

Another social media user added: “If he dies all Rip fans will riot.”

This all seems a wee bit presumptive when it’s based on just a few words via Instagram.

But Yellowstone Season 5 premieres on November 13, and it’s safe to assume many of these concerns will be addressed when the wildly popular series returns.

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As for where things may be headed between Rip and Beth this fall?

“They’ve known each other for so long, there’s this kind of almost childish playfulness between the two of them that you just fall in love with,” Hauser told The Insider of the newly-married couple.

Beth will also be serving as her dad’s Chief of Staff, as Yellowstone jumps ahead six months to the election of John Dutton as Montana Governor.

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“John’s trying to blow it all up,” Wes Bentley (Jamie) said to The Insider of how government functions in Big Sky Country.

Governor Dutton will be determined to use his authority to stop any development progress.

“That becomes a clash of state versus corporate power — ironically, with John as the state. There’s definitely some shady business,” Bentley added.

“Jamie tries to convince [John and Beth] they could use, rather than break or bend, the law to do the things they want to do.

“But they’re a blunt object.”

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Yellowstone kicks off Season 5 on Sunday, November 13.

According to Entertainment Weekly, new additions to the cast will include:

Kai Caster as a young cowboy named Rowdy… Lainey Wilson as musician named Abby… Lilli Kay as a new assistant named Clara Brewer… and Dawn Olivieri, who also appeared in Yellowstone prequel 1883, as Sarah Atwood.

We can’t wait!