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Zach Shallcross is ready for his journey to begin.

The former Bachelorette suitor was named the Season 27 Bachelor back in September… and we now know when this season will begin.

ABC has confirmed that new episodes of The Bachelor will kick off with a mega premiere on Monday, January 23.

Zach Shallcross is hoping to find love on reality television. We’ll see how he fares!

Shallcross first appeared on the Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey-anchored season of The Bachelorette.

After connecting with Rachel and sticking around for several weeks, Zach actually chose to to leave the show ahead of a Rose Ceremony after the Fantasy Suite dates.

We never learned the explicit reason why, but Shallcross later referred to at least one back-and-forth between the pair as “the most inauthentic conversation I’ve ever had.”

That said, he had VERY strong feelings for Recchia at one point.

Zach Shallcross is ready to find love! Will he do so on The Bachelor?

“I was more than ready to get on one knee,” Zach said in a confessional.

“The Rachel that I was falling in love with, I trusted her enough at least to show me her real self and I don’t think I got that.

“And I still don’t know why or how. What was that Rachel I was getting? That’s the biggest concern to me.”

As he drove away from who he thought might very well be his wife, Shallcross told the cameras:

“It’s over just like that. I could just see in her eyes that it really meant something different to her than it meant to me. I don’t know what I missed…

“This still doesn’t feel real, because she was, in my mind, the future Mrs. Shallcross.”

So, where does that leave Zach now? Is he really ready to love again?

“I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned and want to apply it for myself and find my person now,” Shallcross previously told People Magazine, adding at the time:

“Heartbreak is never fun, but it didn’t deter me.

“And I’m ready to go again.”

Zach Shallcross will be the 27th Bachelor in show history. The odds are against him finding true love.

What is this hunk looking for in a potential spouse?

“There’s really two main things that I look for and first is how kind and compassionate they are. I think that’s something that’s pretty rare nowadays,” Shallcross also told People.

“The other thing is having someone that loves to do fun, adventurous stuff with me, whether it’s traveling, trying cool foods.”

Shallcross also said he hopes to showcase more of his “fun” and/or “goofy” side on Season 27 of the franchise.

Shallcross was confirmed as the next Bachelor during the After the Final Rose special two months ago.

“I’m obviously very nervous but this is obviously a once-in-a-lifetime, incredible opportunity,” he told host Jesse Palmer during the live special. “I’ll be ready, I’m ready.”

“I’m more ready, that’s almost fuel to the fire.

“I’m ready to find my person, my best friend, and that breakup didn’t deter it.”